German Cars Top Latest ADAC Reliability Survey. market, as the result of the ADAC Reliability Survey (Pannenstatistik) are in. European Commission 5th Framework Programme Euro NCAP () Test Accessed on 20 November ADAC () Die ADAC Pannenstatistik Maybe time to rethink “Japanese cars are the most relieable?? de/Auto_Motorr

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Finance Quote for F. It’s a similar story with the cabin and the design — acceptable, but not outstanding.

2009 yılı ADAC Arıza İstatistikleri (Pannenstatistik)

Scores for reliability were evenly matched, but Jetta drivers reported more problems with the exterior of the car. So my question to those who dont see my logic Toyota after 10 years in f1 how many wins.

I have learned my share of graduate level statistics. Should you need to visit a dealer, you can expect good service; Octavia drivers told JD Power adxc helpful staff and work completed on time were the norm.

When the Civic did need attention, dealers did their part to keep customers satisfied with prompt, efficient service and modest bills. ADAC is the largest car club in Germany and very well respected.


All in all, the Corolla is a strong package with no major weakness. You must be logged in to post a comment. At least as pannebstatistik in the US. Owners awarded impressive marks for the driving experience. That sums up how I feel about it now. All the brilliant engineering came to 0. What’s not to undertand? Well, for a start, it’s unlikely to break down; owners told JD Power that the engines and transmissions could be relied upon.

In fact, there’s a definite pat on the back for Toyota’s dealers, who proved excellent in every respect. Who would have guessed? ADAC statistics are meaningless as they are only polling their members.

Kia and Hyundia are going to be the death knell of the likes of Mazda and Nissan as they are using German engineering and a more conservative quality program. Or you might fill up in the south with winter diesel, and drive km north and still have it freeze. That said, Audi owners still found plenty to praise, with enthusiasm for the way the A3 drives, the cabin and the looks. Goes to show once again that one car is a pretty small sample.

My parents had mobility guarantees on their french car Citroen C2 since at least If it pannenstatitik broken down into each model’s different trims, yes.

Lets look at Le Mans and how many attempts results 0.


I do know that the little Toyota Starlet and its relatives were big over-all winners often. Yes, I noticed all those Alfas and Fiats. One needs to keep in mind that this statistics only contains defects that get you stranded. The Octavia is a very likeable car as well as a reliable one.

It’s not outstanding in any one area, but there’s little for drivers to worry about, either. This year my next door neighbor got stranded four times in her 65oi due to faulty steering lock and had it lemon-lawed. What’s more, the Skoda should be cheap to run. pannenstahistik

– ADAC “Pannenstatistik” , Germans on top, link inside

Thirty Years Of Pannenstatistik. I notice almost the complete abscense of Mercedes W in the list. Facilities were rated excellent and so were the staff. All times are GMT No, create an account now. The next driver thinks BMW is super and damns Volvo to hell, and the third only drives Mercedes as he has for the last 30 years.

Eighties and nineties absolutely neutral.