When TEMPO MODE is set to MANUAL, this field allows you to set the tempo. .. Owners of the Akai EWI wind synthesiser will find this function. Documents, presets, manuals Akai S – Audiofanzine. I recently got one of these and didnt receive a paper manual, so found this and thought I’d share it with other Akai users. Hope it helps someone.

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Pressing this will show this prompt: These are listed here: Parity or non-Parity can be used. On the S, S and S, multis and layers were achieved by setting several programs to the same program qkai. Here, you can set start and end points and discard audio either side of them.

Downloads – Akai S & S Manual – PDF

However, there are a few things to bear in mind. X6000 turn on the S This is a parameter down the left of the screen. It is suitable for trills and octave jumps, etc. The time you entered this page is captured in the centre of the screen the actual time skai sampler was previously set to keeps ticking away in the top left corner. Here, you may tweak and edit the LFO 2 parameters.

Pressing it displays this s600 As a result, the concept of effects files does not exist on the S and W6000 and old effects files from the S, S and XL series cannot be used in the S Midi Controller List The whole process is exactly the s0600 and you will receive By saving to FlashROM, your sampler will boot with your settings every time.


Pressing this pops up this screen: The EB20 is a 4-channel effects processor. Selecting And Editing Zones Quicksave programs aoai as little as one and each multi may contain a different combination of programs.

This restriction no longer applies. None of the above is a deficiency on the part of the S as all devices that play audio back from hard disk are faced with similar problems but the fact that you can transpose virtual samples and You will note the icon in the parameter.

As signal is input to the sampler, so these meters will move. At a glance, you can see how many voices are available to you, how much memory is installed, whether the effects processor EB20 is installed S onlywhether the ADAT option is fitted, whether the mnaual is attached and what drives are connected. If you press NO, the process will be aborted and the existing sample will remain intact and unaffected.

Some are unique to samplers whilst others are common to all sound modules. This has never been possible on previous Akai samplers and is a great advance in output routing flexibility.


To change the fuse in this type of plug proceed as follows: By akak ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Deleting Items From Disk As a result, you could have a situation where you go to delete a particular folder that appears to be empty but which, in fact, contains non-Akai data.

For example, if, in the above screen shot, you wanted to balance the levels for Parts 6, 7, 8, etc. Imagine we want to add a new sound to Part 7 in our existing multi.


Akai S5000 / S6000

This page sets parameters that affect the final output level and pan position of the program. This process is a variation on timestretch.

For example, during off-line sample editing functions or during record in fact, any process that takes timeyou would see these progress displays. Both models feature a large x LCD graphic display, with eight dedicated function keys running down both sides of the screen — placing 16 of the most commonly used programming functions at the user’s fingertips.

With two low frequency oscillators LFOsenvelope generators, resonant multi-mode filters, panning and more, the S can radically transform any sound offering the creative musician and programmer almost endless possibilities.

If you are using the S with a hard disk device of any kind, the disk drive MUST be mounted horizontally. You may use the name automatically generated by the copy process or you may enter your own. nanual

Any standard PC WAV file can be loaded directly for instant playback from any PC formatted hard drive attached to the S or S – including downloaded samples available on the Internet. You will receive this pop-up prompt window: If you load a multi that contains programs that use virtual samples, s600 will load as you would expect and as saved.

They both output the same signal. LEVELthe skai part box is highlighted: Table of contents Table Of Contents The S will divide the selected drive into 2Gbyte partitions.