Just found the site- love it. Question- how many tattoos do I need to do these exercises and will I need to shave my head? Kidding- but great. When people ask me about bodyweight strength training, I point them to Al Kavadlo. Pushing the Limits! is a must-have for bodyweight training. It was a book called Raising The Bar by Al Kavadlo. as Raising the Bar was I think Al has taken it to another level with Pushing the Limits!.

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Great pics and exercises.

You need this book! I will use it with my athletes, with the kavaldo I train, in my own training and with my kids. I think if you train hard enough all of these things are possible. An excellent compendium of bodyweight exercises to try.

Pushing The Limits! – Total Body Strength With No Equipment by Al Kavadlo

He is excited and so am I. By Al Kavadlo – March 29, 2: Lists with This Book. Al provides instruction plainly delivered to help guide you in your fitness journey.


By Al Kavadlo – February lomits, 6: In fact I plan to buy another one to send to my son in Canada, I think it will be even more helpful to him and there is a good chance he will read it because it is beautirully illustrated.

By Thorsten – February 11, 4: I hope it arrives today!

All you need is the will to do it! So much focus has been placed on men in this art it is nice to have a woman’s presence.

By Al Kavadlo – February 23, 3: By Al Kavadlo – February 8, 6: Dec 17, Andrew rated it liked it. I’m a physical therapist in orthopedics with all the frame wear and tear of a lifter. This is a great book. Easy to follow progressions allow you to master advanced push up, squat and bridging variations. By Al Kavadlo – May 6, 7: I swear he is smiling in virtually every photo, no matter how difficult the movement!

Pushing the Limits! | Dragon Door

By Al Kavadlo – April 16, 4: I understand being paid fairly for your work, but this is extremely high for an ebook. Will the price ever come down? It can be a blue book for anyone who wants to focus on body weight exercises.


Disclaimer Al Kavadlo is not liable for any injuries or damages that individuals might incur by attempting to perform any of the exercises or feats of strength depicted or discussed on this website. I use Al’s stuff for myself and for patients and always get good outcomes. Being able to handle and manipulate your own bodyweight should be a requirement for any self respecting man. Your review will not be displayed until validated by Dragon Door staff.

Please ignore my question regarding CC. Having said that he has indeed covered all that one really Needs to know on this point! Al, I do graphic design work and the layout of Pushing The Limits is really sweet.

Al Kavadlo’s Blog

Hugely inspiring and fun read. Excellent guide to body weight training. Come on April i want this.