Sword Art Online 刀劍神域 (15) Alicization invading (Chinese Edition) [Kawahara Reki] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online Alicization Invading (Sword Art Online Light Novel, #15 Continuation of the Alicization story arc following Kirito’s adventures within the. Sword Art Online 15 has ratings and 12 reviews. Continuation of the Alicization story arc following Kirito’s adventures within the soul translator, a.

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Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 15

Second only to Asuna and Sinon, Alice is probably the awesomest female protagonist in the series right now. Return to Book Page. One week after the attack by the Dark Territory, much of the burnt-down Rulid Village had been reconstructed.

I just finished reading taps translation of volume 15, now if we only knew when volume 16 comes out I really, really, want to be wrong about this. Riku rated it did not like it Oct 26, Sinon struggled within Subtilizer’s grip, but as he had a high STR stat, he managed to hold on. Upon learning that the men were under orders from the guard chief, Alice proclaimed that she was an Integrity Knight, as she tore her overcoat to reveal her armor, in order to revoke the guard chief’s order and have the villagers flee.

Unimpressed by Eldrie’s flattery, Alice invited him inside if he had important business with her. Lists with This Book. Dylan rated it liked it Dec 24, This just left me wondering, “How will he end this series?


Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 15 | Sword Art Online Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Bercouli requested them to gather any and all capable fighters from the Human Empire ivnading train them to aid in the defense against the Dark Territory. After Koujiro Rinko consoled Asuna, relieving the tension in the room, Lieutenant Nakanishi reported on the several injuries and the damage to the hull.

This article or section contains details about plotlines not covered in the anime. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Refresh and try again. Asuna is finally joining the underworld and the final stress test is imminent. Woken by Kirito’s aliczation shaking, Alice pondered what was causing Kirito’s unease, until she heard cries from Amayori.

Kadokawa Sword Art Online Alicization Invading 15 Japanese Novel Manga Comic Z98

Open Preview See a Problem? Compared to the harem of old, this is definitely something that Kawahara-san has improved on over time.

Moments after Seijirou recommended to give Asuna a high-ranking account to improve her combat ability, Rinko expressed concern about the attackers also considering the option of retrieving Alice from inside the virtual world. After remembering his dream of defeating the blue-haired sniper while FullDiving, a dream that had been a reality a few days prior, he began to think about the human soul. One day, five months after the battle at the Central Cathedral, Alice took Kirito, who was now relegated to a wheelchair and unable to speak or move, up onto a hill overlooking a lake where she reminisced about the battle against Administrator and how it had taken Kirito’s consciousness.


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As some Integrity Knights and ascetics believed that Kirito should be executed for turning his sword against the Axiom Church, Alice left Centoria with Kirito after helping the other knights for two weeks.

To make the search easier, Critter looked for a usable high-ranking account, yet all the ones in the Human Empire were locked by password.

Nearly the entire volume is occupied by literally a alicizatioon battle. Chris rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Aside from a couple of scenes, he basically never even thinks about them, at least as far as the reader can tell.

The captain of the submarine that was to take Gabriel and his team into foreign waters was very displeased with the team he carried. Sword Art Online I’d also like to take this moment to express the massive amount of respect I have for the writer, for having the guts to cripple one of the series’ two main characters and arguably the more important one, at that so thoroughly.

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