Here is a list of the API documentation trees for the various targets: Java API · C API · Python API · C# API · ActionScript API. See also code generation targets. ADSP x SHARC assembly language grammar for ANTLR3. Free MPS . Translated from OMG IDL spec at Android port for ANTLR Java Runtime – UPDATED Earlence Fernandes Fri Jun 22, This package contains updated instructions and documentation.

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The first node in the context is not necessarily the root. Throw an exception if newRoot is not a simple node or nil root with a single child node—it must be a root node. This needs to always call dup node and super. The error display documentatiin in BaseRecognizer needs to display where the input the error occurred. In other words, it is assumed that people dont RTFM: Return the current input symbol index Rewind to the input position of the last marker.

Each rule that creates AST nodes will call this method right before documrntation. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have docmentation our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Return result of applying post action to this node.

Currently, this method is only used for efficient backtracking using memoization, but in the future it may be used for incremental parsing. CommonTokenStream, you can write the same process shown above documentahion succinctly: ANTLR v3 uses a list of children approach instead of the child-sibling approach in v2.


Tell me how to create a token for use with imaginary token nodes. This is part of the factory; override if you want another kind of node documentatio be built. For char streams, seeking forward must update the stream state such as line documentatlon. If size is 1, then return elements[0]. Once you start next ing, do not try to add more elements. The first node of list is the root and the last is the parent of this node.

Makes sense to encapsulate. LA -1 is previous token token just matched. Post as a guest Name.

ANTLR parsers have a variety of entry points specified by parser rules, each of which defines the structure of a specific type of sentence in a grammar. Set the exception token and do the default behavior.

We need to subclass to fill in the next method, which returns either an AST node wrapped around a token payload or an existing subtree.

Class: ANTLR3::Lexer

The context matcher stops matching and returns true when it runs out of context. Add t as a child to this node. This must throw away antrl3 for all markers back to the marker argument. Given the root of the subtree created for this rule, post process it to do any simplifications or whatever you want.

Direct Known Subclasses Template:: Well if it wasn’t in the change logs, that’s fair enough, but if you did read the docs it’s useful to mention as much in the question. This only makes sense during token parsing, not tree parsing.

Package: antlr3-doc (3.2-10)

Even becomeRoot is an issue. Default should be false. I do not need to know the type of a tree at all so they cocumentation all generic Objects.


Who is the parent node of this node; if null, implies node is root. Lexers, however, are primarily intended to have a single entry point.

All the error reporting focumentation recovery is shared with Parser via the BaseRecognizer superclass. This value includes a single EOF. To get your parser to build nodes of a different type, override create TokenerrorNodeand to be safe, YourTreeClass.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Generated on Fri Dec 28 Execute both actions even if t has no children. This is used instead of next when the result has to be a tree root node. Sign up using Facebook. You must specify the input stream so that the erroneous text can be packaged up in the error node. Also prevents us from duplicating recently-added children; e. Set the input cursor to the position indicated by index. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. This is the analog of RewriteRuleTokenStream for normal parsers.

Have you considered reading the documentation? Reset the condition of this stream so that it appears docukentation have not consumed any of its elements.

For trees, you must call the adaptor. The recognizer attempts to recover from single missing symbols. We are constructing these nodes so we should have this control for efficiency.