Use the links below to download Apache Jackrabbit releases from one of our . Also see the Jackrabbit FileVault documentation for more. Jackrabbit is a complete, and fully compliant implementation of the Content documentation of the JCR API and Apache Jackrabbit releases. The exact format of this XML configuration file is defined in the following document type definition (DTD) files published by the Apache Jackrabbit project.

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Go to the downloads page to get the war file. A JCR implementation may return -1 when the size is unknown. See the Jackrabbit Configuration page for configuration details. Cluster configuration See the Clustering page on the Jackrabbit wiki. Starting with Jackrabbit 1. Reliability, integrity and performance of the PM are crucial to the overall stability and performance of the repository. Applications written against Level 2 of JSR include management applications or generally speaking any application that generates data, information or content for both structured and unstructured information.

Forcing a consistency check may be useful when jackarbbit think the index is inconsistent.

These variables can be used to avoid hardcoding specific options in the configuration files. Release Archive Only current recommended releases are available on the main distribution site and its mirrors.


The latest development version is found within trunk, while the other parts are used to keep track of the source code of the Jackrabbit releases. The structure of the versioning configuration is: Jackrabbit implements distributed XA transaction support on a higher level, and expects to be in full documentatikn of the underlying database connection.


The structure of the security configuration element is:. Of course you will need to make configuration changes if you want to enable new features like the data store introduced in Jackrabbit 1.

This will force Jackrabbit to calculate the result size. Some documents rocumentation still not be searchable for various reasons: Can I use a persistence manager to access an existing data source? A Jackrabbit file system FS is an internal component that implements standard file system operations on top of some underlying storage mechanism a normal file system, a database, a webdav server, or a custom file format.

How do I force a consistency check on the search index?

Apache Jackrabbit needs two pieces of information to set up a runtime content repository instance:. The workspace element in repository. Data store configuration See the DataStore page on the Jackrabbit wiki.

The workspace settings in the repository configuration file are: The persistence manager interface was never intended as being a jackkrabbit SPI that you could implement in order to integrate external data sources with proprietary formats e.

Older branches use JDK 1. Jackrabbit will automatically decode such a password before passing it to the underlying database.

Apache Jackrabbit – Getting Started with Apache Jackrabbit

A persistence manager should not be intelligent, i. The main difference between versioning and workspace configuration is that no search index is specified for the version store as version histories are indexed and searched using the repository-wide search index.

You can delete a workspace by manually removing the workspace directory when the repository jackrabbiy is not running.

Also the Jackrabbit version handler uses a separate persistence manager. How do I create new workspaces in Jackrabbit? See the JAAS documentation jackranbit configuration instructions. When using a database-backed persistence manager or another component, you usually need to include the database password in Jackrabbit configuration. The top-level structure of the repository configuration file is shown below.


For Jackrabbit features like access control and node type management not covered by the JCR API, see the Examples page on the wiki, the Jackrabbit javadocs, or contact the Jackrabbit mailing list.

See the mailing list announcement for a simple example on using the JTA support in Jackrabbit.

See the Clustering page on the Jackrabbit wiki. If you use a database PM and like to connect to an external database, you might also have to setup the database.

Welcome to Apache Jackrabbit

Building the sources with Maven Jackrabbit uses Maven 3 as the build system and the component sources are mostly organized according to the Maven Standard Directory Layout. This includes functions like: If JAAS authentication is not available or as is often the case too complex to set up, Jackrabbit allows you to specify a repository-specific JAAS LoginModule that is then used for authenticating repository users.

There is the users list for questions around using JCR and Jackrabbit documentationn the dev list for the development of Jackrabbit itself and for people starting to extend Jackrabbit or other advanced topics.

First download the KEYS file as well as the. Extracted text from binary content is only indexed on the parent node of the jcr: