PDF | On Apr 16, , Carmelo D’amanti and others published CORRELAZIONE TRA APPARATO STOMATOGNATICO E ATTEGGIAMENTO. This volume aims to provide students with as complete a picture as possible of what happens in the oral cavity -. Title, Anatomia dell’apparato stomatognatico. Authors, R. Brand, D. E. Isselhard. Translated by, G. Nussdorfer, G. Mazzocchi. Publisher, Piccin-Nuova Libraria.

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The Open Medical Imaging Journal

All subsequent calculations were made with the standardized potentials. Left and right MM and TA muscles were examined 3, To avoid any fatigue effects, a rest period of at least 3 min was allowed between standardization recording and tests, as well as between stomatognatio test. In the present study, almost all of the oral breathers modified their breathing pattern during the treatment, and obtained a nasal respiration, or resolved labial incompetence.

Volume 8 – Files of the three-dimensional coordinates were obtained, and computer programs were used for all the subsequent off-line calculations. The stomatotnatico assessment of the arrangement of facial soft tissues has important applications in different fields from orthodontics to plastic surgery.

In growing patients, functional and orthopedic appliances can be used to modify dysfunctional habits, directing the facial structures towards more stomatognaticoo relationships 6, Table 3 shows the main clinical stomatognatio recorded in the 10 orthodontic patients between the pre- and post- treatment examinations.

Mangiagalli, 31, Milan, Italy. Volume 6 – Nitric oxide influence on hippocampal hyperexcitability: Overall, soft-tissue data found in the stmatognatico investigation were in good accord with previous hard-tissue data: The functional device used in the present investigation has been reported to stimulate mandibular transverse and anteroposterior growth by a correction of dysfunctional habits: Indeed, when analyzing growing subjects, it is necessary to distinguish between the effect of treatment and that of normal growth and development 4,5, For each boy, this phase lasted less than 5 min.


J Appl Oral Sci.

Università degli Studi di Palermo

Fourteen patients with unilateral facial paralysis were operated on consecutively. The effects of early preorthodontic trainer treatment on Class II, division 1 patients. During the 6-month treatment, significant increments in the anterior-posterior dimension of the lower facial third were found lower facial depth and mandibular corpus lengthwith a trend toward a normalization of the upper stomatogntaico to E-line distance.

The clinical assessment was repeated, their faces measured again, and EMG performed. In vivo and in vitro comparative electrophysiological evaluation Proceedings Go to Effects of nitric oxide-active drugs on the discharge of subthalamic neurons: They provide easy access to the stomatogmatico research on a wide variety of issues. An electromyographic evaluation of bilateral symmetry of masticatory, neck and trunk muscles activity in patients wearing a positioner.

Comparisons were made stomatognatuco z-scores and paired Student’s t-tests. For both angles, the post-treatment value was nearer to the norm than the relevant pre-treatment value, with z-scores nearer to 0.

Duplicate data collections gave random errors corresponding to 1. Therefore, the current device could be proposed also for a short-term interceptive treatment, modifying the dysfunctional habits and permitting appaarato best subsequent orthodontic and orthopedic intervention. Cinzia Lozio is gratefully acknowledged.

The device did not modify the functional equilibrium of the masticatory muscles. To the best of our knowledge, no previous study has investigated the effects of a preformed functional orthodontic appliance on the three-dimensional characteristics of facial soft tissues.

Many people from institutions which do not have library or cannot afford to subscribe scientific journals benefit of them on a daily basis. The discharge of subthalamic neurons is modulated by inhibiting the nitric oxide synthase in the rat. Because an unbalanced contractile activity of contralateral MM and TA e. Neuromuscular evaluation of post-orthodontic stability: The children were told to use the device every day for 1 h plus overnight during sleep.


Involvement of nitric oxide-soluble guanylyl cyclase pathway in the control of maximal dentate gyrus activation in the rat. EMG signals were recorded for further analysis. After treatment, the patients were less different from their reference peers the mean z-score changed from 0. Before treatment, the lower anterior facial height sn-pg was significantly larger in the patients than in the reference children, and it normalized after treatment. After the 6-month treatment, some significant modifications were found in the dimensions of the facial soft tissues Table 4.

After 6 months of treatment, the orthodontic patients returned to the laboratory. Proceedings Go to Effects of nitric oxide influence on experimentally-induced hyperexcitability of the hippocampus: RESULTS Table 3 shows the main clinical modifications recorded in the 10 orthodontic patients between the pre- and post- treatment examinations. Volume 7 – With open eyes, the decrement was 1.

Some previous investigations used the same functional device that we used, and focused on the dentoalveolar modifications induced by the device, with treatments lasting approximately 1 year 6,7, The same procedure used in previous studies 8,9 was followed. Increments in total facial height and variations in lower incisor proclination were also found Eighty-nine boys were healthy, “reference” adolescents, who had average facial dimensions and proportions, according to Italian standards 8,9.

Articolo su rivista Go to The discharge of subthalamic neurons is modulated by inhibiting the nitric oxide synthase in the rat.