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Promotion eligibility during reclassification Eligibility for promotion consideration, recommendation, and subsequent promotion will vary dependent upon the type of reclassification action. For the purposes of determining nonpromotable status, periods of forfeiture of pay will be determined as follows:. Provides a semi-centralized promotion selection process for promotion to the ranks of sergeant SGT and staff ser. Refer to paragraph 5—9 for TPU Soldiers.

Promotion Points, page Eligibility, selection, and promotion policy and procedures outlined in this chapter apply to all MTs assigned to a TPU, except where cited in the following paragraphs: Processing results of the promotion board a. These Soldiers display a progression of competencies and attributes in the following general learning outcomes: This regulation will typically address the following levels of work: Statements of agreement and certification enclosure to DA Formpage 94 Figure 7—3: A promotion board will have a board recorder, without vote.

The following are guidelines and exceptions to this policy:. Summarized proceedings imposed according to AR 27—10 are excluded and will not result in non-promotable status. Promotion of Soldiers in the Disability Evaluation System. The HR specialist will conduct a monthly audit of 10 percent of RA units serviced to ensure waiver ceilings are correctly computed and executed.


The official magazine of noncommissioned officer professional development. Consideration of proposals for posthumous and honorary promotions and appointments under provision of 10 USC The PPRL will be ordered as shown in figure 3—5.

The effective date will be the date the Soldier signed the declination of promotion. Minimum time requirement for promotion pin-on as of the 1st day of the promotion month To SSG— Secondary zone: Screen unit advancement report for additions, deletions, grade discrepancies or blank data.

AR | NCO Journal

Soldiers do not make a physical appearance before ag board. The steps for correcting erroneous promotions specialist and below are listed in table 2—3. Promotion of terminally ill Soldiers.

Refer to paragraph 1—20 for DES.

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None Physical qualifications Soldier remains eligible until determined unfit by the DES process refer to para 1— Audit schedule will ensure each promotion authority is reviewed at least once annually. Noncommissioned Officer Education System requirement for promotion and conditional promotion Development of our NCO Corps is an essential element of our institutional success.

When computing waivers exclude the following: Army Reserve Active Guard Reserve. No later than the 8th calendar day of the month, HR specialist will submit all requests to add points for Ranger graduates to Commander, U.

Soldiers promoted under this paragraph will be informed that if they are on a current recommended list to SGT they will be removed from such list. References See appendix A.

AR 600-8-19 Enlisted Promotions and Reductions

For promotion to SFC and above, a review of the published sequence numbers will be used to determine if the Soldier would have otherwise been promoted. The Soldier will be promoted effective the day before placement on the retired list or TDRL regardless of cutoff scores, sequence numbers, or position availability.


All others not listed above automatically remove the Soldier from the by-name list and do not require sequencing. Provides a centralized promotion selection process for promotion to the ranks of sergeant first class SFC and above.

Must be a member of the USAR and is not an unsatisfactory participant. The following conditions must be met: Soldiers earn promotion points as a result of information contained in their personnel and training records. Airborne advantage, page 47 Table 3— This publication is an expedite the proponent agency or its direct reporting unit or field operating agency, in the grade invited to send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form Recom.

This publication is avail. The effective date of administrative reduction is the date of the action that caused the Soldier to be ineligible to retain the promotion.

Army Reserve troop program. Effective date of promotion to SGT will be the earliest date the Soldier meets both of the following requirements:. Processing promotion point re-evaluations U. Recommended Soldiers would be promoted to SGT without regard to list sequence using the class reporting date as the effective date and DOR.

Special promotion categories a. While in the DES, Soldiers are not required to meet prescribed service remaining requirements for promotion as.