Are the 1st Edition rules available online? If so, where?. Inevitably, a bit of character has been lost, but some rules have been tweaked and a very clever little scenario system added, and it’s great to see BattleLore live . BattleLore is a strategy board wargame for two players, created by Richard Borg and initially The first expansion – Battlelore Epic – contains rules for large-scale battles and for multiplayer games of up to 6 people. Epic Battlelore is played on.

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Hi, for those of you who play BattleLore, do you play with the Lore rules or not? How about you guys?

Which do you think makes for the best experience? So our first few games were without just to ease the learning curve.

But we WANT a fantasy, not historical game. By the way, we both think the game is fantastic.


We even got a thin sheet of plexiglass as suggested at the BattleLore forums to keep the terrainpieces from accidentally getting moved. It works great, and keeps things in place so much better. I only play with lore rules, it adds a lot of strategy to the game Battleolre. And in March Days of Wonder releasing Free to reg.

Ancients or Memoir ‘ If you thought that Battlecry, Command and Colors, and Memoir ’44 sucked pretty badly, would there be any chance you would like Battlelore? Depends on why you thought they sucked.

BattleLore (board game)

You guys are helping, thanks: I was actually disappointed by some of the very swingy lore cards. I think the lore cards could have made the batylelore great, but, for me, they detracted from it and from the strategy.

Still draw cards, play a card to move three cavalry type of stuff?

With Lore you can start stacking bonuses and make some pretty spectacular attacks. If you really hated all three of those games because of the mechanics, I dunno if the Lore and the setting will sway you.


If it makes any sense, they feel like they have too much chrome to be a light, random, fun, romping game, and too little depth to be a true heavy, wargame. That does make sense.

BattleLore (board game) – Wikipedia

There is also randomness in the battles, and that too can tear apart your best laid plans. But to the address the point of the thread, I think the magic system compliments the less realistic nature of the game.

Lore rules or “historical”? Ditto everything jpinard said.