This guide will show you how to reset the Billion G router back to original instructions on this, take a look at our How to Setup WiFi on the Billion G. Confirm that the internet light is green, if it is still red, repeat the previous steps or con- tact your ISP to verify the username and password and for further. This guide will show you how to setup your Billion G Router. The basic setup is Select the Manually option as shown below and click Apply. Manual Config.

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Monday through Sunday to restrict or allowing the usage of the Internet by users or applications. This will save your settings and restart your router.

How To Setup A Billion G Router

Comments biillion this Manuals Your Name. Billion G Router External Port: The following information is provided should you wish to connect to an alternative ISP.

You should setup each VLAN group with caution. This is the user-defined time period applicable to the rule. If it still fails, please check with your ISP for line connection information. Troubleshooting If the router is not functioning properly, first check this chapter for simple troubleshooting before contacting the Help desk.

Click the Add button to add the new user account. Installing the Router Important note for using this 4000g Do not use this router under high humidity or high temperatures.

All traffic will do network address translation when sending out to Internet if NAT is enabled. Open System, Share key.

  HIP C806 PDF

Billion G Router 4. From the example, two VLAN groups need to be created.

Download Manual for the Billion G

Change Your Password After a successful login you should be prompted to change your password. Configuration Billion G Router 8. You may click Edit the predefined rule instead of Delete it. This 400g be done for security reasons. Lists all the existing computer connections on the network.

Should you need assistance setting biillion your Trendnet Router, please feel free to call us on Lit when connected to an Ethernet device. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

These can usually be found in the user manual. Gather the information as illustrated in 400 following table and keep it for reference. But in some areas, multimode cannot detect the ADSL line mode very well. Call us now After you have finished resetting the Billion G router you need to login using the appropriate username and billuon. Default is set to Disable. If the packet does not match either of the above two items, it is sent to the remote web server.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

The IP address that assigned to client. Don’t show me this message again. If you have ever changed any other settings on this router you need to reconfigure them afterwards. Billion G Router 6. Configuration Billion G Router Chapter 4: If you wish to restart the router using the factory default settings for example, after a firmware upgrade or if you have saved an incorrect configurationselect Factory Default Settings to reset to factory default settings.

The expired IP addresses information. Page 55 Billion G Router Example: The default setting is High; you may adjust this setting to fit your requirements.


Billion 400G User Manual

Billion G Router Chapter 5: If it is, then the connection attempt will be dropped. You should be able to connect to the Internet afterwards. Page manyal Billion G Router Example: Configuring your firewall to allow a publicly accessible web server on your LAN The predefined port manal rule for HTTP TCP port 80 is the same no matter whether the firewall is set to a high, medium or low security level. Page of 88 Go.

On supported systems, it makes tasks such as port forwarding much easier by letting the application control the required settings, thus removing the need for the user to control the advanced configuration of their router.

Predefined Port Filter Source Port: If you want to use wireless, billioh This might include IP addresses or maybe port forwards. The Host Name Computer Name of client. Lower case letters show the day s that are not selected, and no rule will apply on these days.

Don’t have an account? Billion G Router 8. In the Control Panel, double-click Network and choose the Protocols tab. Enter your Connection Details in the spaces provided as seen in the image below and click Apply. If you require high security for transmissions, there are two options to select from: If you hold it down less than that you may only reboot the router instead or resetting it.