The 4th version of the shipping industry’s Best Management Practices for Protection against Somali. Based Piracy (BMP4) has now been released. As with . Asian shipowners say the Best Management Practices version 4 (BMP4) for protection against piracy needs updated in light of the changes to. The 4th Edition of the shipping industry’s Best Management Practices for Protection against Somalia Based Piracy (BMP4) has now been.

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BMP5 revision outline and comparison with BMP4 – SAFETY4SEA

The area specific Somalia based threat, has been replaced by a generic area term in order to include all additional piracy threats generated by other players in this area Yemen, Aden straights, open ocean threat to Indian ocean and Arabic sea. This publication is further supported by revised guidance for Companies Global Counter Piracy Guidance and updated Guidance for Golf of Pirxcy Guidelines for owners, operators, masters operating in the GoG.

The new edition is more comprehensive as in 77 pages includes a more structured informative guidance against the previous 95 pages of version 4. Additionally the implementation of antipiracy measures follows the conducted risk assessment necessary for all vessels planning to transit through antii areas of risk. This means that any area change piracyy be introduced through the chart change and not by a BMP amendment.


A new approach also has been incorporated in Incident reporting. The report has been divided in three parts ipracy order to give a better situational frame for reported incidents: An overall outcome for the BMP 5, is that in less pages, it contains more structured information and guidance, following the most common path of risk identification- risk assessment- risk mitigation through antipiracy measures — reporting, to be more effective.

It is of essence therefore that ship operators having in mbp4 the above should review their SMS procedures contingency plans and already existing Ship Security plans in order to be in line with new practices.

An initial approach and identification of threat. Better graphics which make items more understandable. Piracy attack report BMP Form has been divided in three parts. Voyage Reference card BMP 5: A new form has been annexed to this version with a piracg list for actions required to be conducted by any vessel which requires to transit the HRA should make.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Somali piracy has not been eradicated and remains a threat, however. How aware are ship operators about the updates in comparison to BMP4 though? Here is a quick guide on what changes in the new version of BMP. Crewmembers of oil tanker forced to disembark ship in Bulgaria.


BMP5 revision outline and comparison with BMP4

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