Don’t miss this timely contemporary young adult novel from Alex Flinn, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Beastly, about a teenage boy’s struggle to. It was only a slap. Well, maybe more than one. And maybe Nick used his fist at the end when the anger got out of control. But his girlfriend Caitlin deserved. Breathing Underwater. Alex Flinn. 1. JANUARY 5 JUSTICE BUILDING, MIAMI, FLORIDA. I’ve never been in a courthouse before. But then, I’ve never been in.

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People think his life is pretty easy. Nick is victim of abuse as well.

Breathing Underwater

Reading a book from the point of view of an abusive guy is not something I ever thought I would do. This is a book for all girls who have overbearing boyfriends or the potential to date someone with “trouble” and bad boy written on them. I read it in one day. When Nick meets Caitlin, he thinks that she is the answer to all his problems.

Also by Alex Flinn. When you fake it for sixteen years, it becomes part of you, something you don’t think about.


The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm. As I began the novel I couldn’t stop myself from flipping the pages to find out what exactly Nick did and if he manages to control himself or not.


Jun 27, Kerry Cerra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jak moc jsem se spletla. I loved watching the main character Nick transform and learn the source of his fire. Unfortunately, anger runs in the family and Nick got his abusive traits from his father who Nick still lives with. Some people complain about happy endings, but this book’s ending was bitter sweet, not completely happy.

The book shares how a temper out of control demands self-awareness as results burn down around Nick as he missed Caitlyn. What Nick did was wrong, so obviously wrong. May brwathing, Francesca rated it liked it.

To his thoughts, why he does what he does. Stay in Touch Sign up. Intelligent, popular, handsome, and wealthy, sixteen-year-old Nick Andreas is pretty much perfect–on the outside, at least. I’ve read undegwater other books by this author, and this one is far and away, her best in my opinion.

Until then, I felt like this book was about a jerk who ended up realizing his errors and wanting to change.

Breathing Underwater (Breathing Underwater, #1) by Alex Flinn

Then he and Caitlin fall in love, and Nick thinks his problems are over. Miami-Dade County, Florida We who labor here seek only the truth. When you start reading this book you will feel bad for Nick, but when he writes brsathing his journal what he has done, bye bye sympathy.


Trivia About Breathing Underwa She knew how humiliating it was warming the bench in football all season. He must also write words a week in a journal about his relationship with Caitlyn. As the book went on, I realized I related to Nick more and more learning new things about him and myself while reading.

When a story is so perfect good it leaves you breathless, where do you start describing it? Great story about finding yourself.

People at school — my ex-friends, even Tom, who used to be my best friend — see me how I want them to: I was born on Long Island and grew up on a street called Salem Court. Caitlin is everything Nick has ever wanted — beautiful, talented, and in love with him. Was this really challenged to be banned from a school? Breathing Underwater is a staple in my clasroom. On the front wall, gold letters read:.