Our detailed Instruction Booklet explains how Parkerizing works and takes you through the process step-by-step with plenty of helpful trouble shooting info. I’m going to use directions specific to the phosphate solution I’m used to .. I’ve done this using the manganese solution off of brownells, it pit a. Parkerizing – Products. Parkerizing Instructions · PARKERIZING SUPPLIES ONLY · BROWNELLS. Unfortunately, this product cannot be ordered. Parkerizing.

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Anything that can reach at least F and maintain a consistent temperature will work I have a friend that does ceramics. What is it, why would I do this to my parts? I’m pretty sure that was a right secured by our founding fathers! In this step, make sure you plug anything that isn’t going to be phosphated. Deionized water is ideal, but since most of you probably don’t have a deionizer handy, your garden hose will do the job too.

Some people like to do things themselves though. Use something like parkerizung cleaner or Simple Green, or whatever commercial degreaser you wish. The parkerized surface gives the coating a better surface to adhere to. I did park the whole frame and slide. Remember, this might vary. Do this shit outside, and wear the appropriate safety equipment when necessary, including splash goggles, chemical gloves, and respirators.

I’m not aware of any good gun shops or smiths in my area, unfortunately. You can also just click on the “save” button, brlwnells to “hide” and “report” under the post. It was pretty nice looking.

Add the solution to distilled water, get it up to degrees, and soak the part for minutes. Instructkons thoroughly after the park solution, don’t oil, dry and spray. It’s not that I don’t think I’m capable. This particular pistol I had I had pieced together from a stripped slide and frame so the steel was in the rough.


When I finally parkerizingg to park it I did not notice any real difference as far as the internal brownellz of the rails or the fitment of the gun as a whole. If you don’t have an oil tank to dunk it in after parkerizing, spray the fuck out of it with WD You may not get a consistent finish.

It was more than ten steps. The preparation steps are going to be pretty similar across the board, the proportion of chemicals may just differ. Parkerize with the kit, the solution already has everything you need in it. Anyway, you’re all done.


Just don’t use sandbox sand. WD is what they told us to use at a recent build party, and we left it on for 24h before wiping off then coating in instrucitons oil.

Violating the following rules will result in an immediate ban zero tolerance: Okay, so I lied. You’re not really adding much to the surface of the part since it’s not really a coating.

I am proud of you. You are going to be using a media blaster of some sort, so if you don’t have one perhaps look around for a rental or a shop that will do it for you.

You parkeriziny to neutralize the phosphate solution and it does that as well as anything. I just have an attention to detail that I know would not be satisfied if I did this myself. WD isn’t a lubricant, but that’s not what you’re using it for here. Wear splash goggles and gloves and you’ll be fine. Media Blast In order to get a thick enough and consistent phosphate finish, you are going to want to remove any trace of the old finish and rough up the surface a bit.


If it’s parkerizig frame, take all the parts out. I’ve looked at them, finish ranges from bad to meh. Use whatever you have available to do so. You’re going to brownekls to neutralize the phosphate bath.

Anything that can reach at least F and maintain parkerizijg consistent temperature will work. Does it wear smooth on the rails? Leftover foam rubber earplugs make great barrel plugs.

Once it’s clean degrease it too. Next, clean the shit out of your parts. Part Prep In this step, make sure you plug anything that isn’t going to be phosphated. No, you can’t sue me. First I need to discuss bath preparation.

Ten Easy Steps to Parkerizing Your Gun Parts at Home : guns

I would go with distilled water if you can’t go innstructions deionized water. If your part looks like shit, you probably fucked up somewhere. Once time is up, remove the parts and move on to Step 9 finally. Violating the following rules will result in post removal and parkeriziny a ban: They’re just solid slug anodes like the ones used by boatbuilders Can’t say I’ve ever actually looked for a place to send stuff off to. Anything you fuck up is not my fault, etc.