Cat B. Caterpillar B grapple skidder. The Caterpillar B skidder was introduced in It was manufactured in the USA only. Product No. Dual Arch Hours 80% Tires STOCK PHOTO PRICE: $ Machine Type: Skidder Grapple Manufacturer: Caterpillar Model: B. Basic information. Brand, Caterpillar B. Category, skidder. Serial Number, 3KZ Unit Number, UM Catalog Number, CU Manufacturing.

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Caterpillar B Skidders For Sale |

Travel Speed – Reverse 3. Drum Capacity at Cable Width. Transmission – Torque Converter. Hydraulic System – Total. Single Catrrpillar – Lift Highest, Retracted. Sorting – Tip to Tip Height. Travel Speed – Forward 3. See Skidder for sale on rbauction. Bunching – Fully Closed Height.

Caterpillar 525B Skidder

Number of Forward Gears. Tong Opening at Tips. Max Line Pull – bare drum. Steering Cylinder – Bore. Dozer Cylinder – Rod Diameter. Dual Function – Reach Lowest, Retracted. Dual Function – Reach Highest, Farthest. Travel Speed – Forward 4. Dual Function – Lift Maximum Reach. Maximum Torque at Rated Speed. Bunching – Tong Opening. Dual Function – Reach Lowest, Farthest. Sorting – Tong Opening. Net Power – ISO Hydraulic System – Tank. Net Power hp. Operating Weight lb.


Dual Function – Reach Maximum. Dual Function – Lift Lowest, Farthest.

Travel Speed – Reverse 1. Brakes – Service Type. H Reach of Grapple at Ground Level. See Skidder for sale on ironplanet. Number of Reverse Gears. Travel Speed – Forward 2.

Max Speed – Reverse. Travel Speed – Reverse 2.

Dual Function – Lift Highest, Retracted. C Caterpollar to Top of Cab. Maximum Line Pull – Bare Drum. Sorting – Fully Closed Height.

Differential – Final Drives – Rear.

Governed Speed at Rated Power. Bunching – Minimum Stem Diameter. Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity. Bunching – Full Open Height.

Single Function – Reach Maximum. Cooling System Fluid Capacity. Dual Function – Reach Highest, Retracted. Differential – Final Drives – Front. Bunching – Tip to Tip Height. Dozer Cylinder – Bore. Find Catsrpillar B Skidder for Sale. Torque Converter – Model. See Skidder for sale on mascus.

Dual Function – Lift Lowest, Retracted.