COPC certification for call centers, CX operations and VMOs provide external validation that your operations are performing at the highest levels. Learn more about COPC to understand the standard, benefits and the importance of benchmarking. Read more about this contact center management strategy. Customers will be satisfied when their calls are dealt with correctly and as a. Customer Operations Performance Center Inc. (COPC) was founded in to focus on improving call center operations, monitoring practices in call centers.

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This article describes COPC in a practical way. After reading you will understand the background and the practical basics of this contactcenter management strategy.

The family of standards was developed because several American companies such as Dell, Motorola and American Express were centre with their outsourcing of customer contacts. They wanted to make the quality of customer contact measurable.

This is why a group of customer contact centre consultants decided to develop a model with which cost and quality can be controlled and managed. This commercial exploitation mainly consists of auditing contact cxll for certification. Companies can only retain the official accreditation if they recertify every two years.

This standard is an internationally used operations management system for handling customer contacts. It is an abbreviation of Customer Operations Performance Centre.


The approach is an instrument to measure performance and quality of customer contacts. The findings of approximately cenger customer contact centres worldwide have served as a model for this standard.

COPC Inc. – Wikipedia

Companies can only work with this standard if they are certified. The success lies in the fact that it immediately proves itself. There is a noticeable improvement in the quality of contact centres.

According to COPC there is a direct relationship between handling customer contacts and service, quality, customer satisfaction and costs.

COPC standards

Customers will be satisfied when their calls are dealt with correctly and as a result costs will be reduced.

In addition, the approach makes it possible to have immediate access to the performance of customer contacts. As a consequence, customers are approached and helped in a consistent manner. With benchmarking can be conducted; the outcomes and service provision of several contact centres can easily be compared with one another.

Csll approach offers defined processes and measurement capabilities to view the results of the centr suppliers. The Standard CSP helps define customer service centre performance. It helps organizations rate the performance of third party customer centter centres. This may be a company that has outsourced customer contacts to a third party.

The approach always ensures process improvements within customer service centres. They will have to take immediate action according to the system when thresholds copv not met or when three consecutive measuring points are below standard. The improvements and modifications are recorded accurately in a plan in which both the party with the final responsibility and the final result are described.


With a positive output, because contact centres that use this standard are considered to be very customer-friendly. Capl do you think? Do you recognize the practical explanation or do you have more suggestions? What are your success factors for the good contact center management?

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