1 Risk Management Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI) Understand. Risk-free Bonds 70 Euro 95 Euro Source: Allianz Global Investors 1 Source. CPPI Overview. CPPI (“Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance”) is a risk management trading strategy that determines a portfolio’s allocation between two pools. Figure Comparison of Capital Efficiency—CPPI and MMRS vs. Allianz Lebensversicherung AG will not actively promote their classical.

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Negative real interest rates on year German government bonds will not contribute much to the return requirements of institutional investors. How can investors participate in the long cpoi return opportunities provided by risky investments while effectively limiting their risk of loss in times of crisis?

Capital protection strategies, including CPPI as the most basic form, offer interesting approaches to this issue. The basic principle of capital protection The objective of capital protection concepts is to allow investors to participate in the opportunities allixnz promising but risky investments while limiting the risk of loss during Dr.

This concept is particularly interesting for asset classes that are exposed to significant market price risks.

The objective is an asymmetric distribution of returns negative returns or returns under a threshold cpli agreed with the investor are to be avoided, investor participation in positive returns should be maximized. An obvious way to hedge a portfolio is to purchase put options on suitable underlyings.

A dynamic hedging strategy like CPPI goes down another route no puts are bought, protection is secured instead by rule-based shifting the portfolio in response to market developments.

Unlike a hedge constructed using options, a dynamic protection strategy does not incur any explicit hedging costs without regards to administrative costs. Certainly, dynamic protection strategies cannot escape the basic laws governing the alliabz markets.

CPPI – Allianz Global Investors

Ambitious protection levels come at the price of lower participation in positive markets. This somewhat reduced return potential is a kind of implicit insurance 4. What makes dynamic protection approaches interesting is that their implicit insurance costs in terms of expected foregone returns are, on average, cheaper than in the case of protection with options, as indicated by scientific studies 1 OBPI: Option Based Portfolio Insurance.

Another reason dynamic strategies are attractive is that they are highly flexible: This does not apply to the OBPI alternative: The dynamic protection concept In addition to the permissible investment universe, the investor determines the protection level and the point in time when this level shall be reached protection horizon.

Based on this information, a rule how to mix safe assets and return-seeking but risky assets such as equities cpppi non-immunized bonds can be devised. The role of safe assets is generally assigned to bonds with minimal default-risk and maturity near the protection horizon.

The portfolio managers adjust this ratio of risky versus safe assets on a daily basis if needed so that the value of the portfolio does not fall alllianz the protection level at the protection horizon. Allianz Global Investors 1 Source: Rudi Zagst, Julia Kraus: CPPI cppk shifting system provides the most basic form of a rule-based dynamic asset allocation approach. In doing so, the system pursues the objective of as much returnseeking assets as possible and as little safe assets as feasible to achieve both return and protection targets.

Risk Management. Constant Proportion. Insurance (CPPI) Understand. Act. – PDF

The remaining EUR 40 in equities would have to be immediately shifted to the safe assets to help ensure that the protection level of EUR 90 is not compromised. This clearly demonstrates that the basic form of CPPI is a purely pro-cyclical strategy. The main parameters of the strategy are: The protection level and the protection horizon, i. The downside risk taken into account Maxloss defined as the maximum price loss of the risky investment, usually within a period of 24 hours, that the strate gy can withstand without jeopardising the protection level.


This parameter largely determines the quality confidence of the protection approach. Modern statistical techniques, such as extreme value theory, can be used to determine extreme price risks. These techniques can provide much more realistic estimates of the downside risks in the financial markets than, for example, normal distributions.

With regard to the safe assets, the CPPI strategy does not leave much leeway. Safe within the context of this strategy refers only to bonds with residual maturity matching the protection horizon as closely as possible. An additional requirement is that the securities shall not be exposed to either liquidity or credit risks. Improvements Improving on the basic CPPI framework, several proprietary allocation strategies have been developed, that are used for mandates with soft or hard protection.

In these strategies, the familiar pro-cyclical elements of CPPI are often supplemented by anti-cyclical components. This allows, for example, partial profit-taking in highly overheated markets. To remain flexible for re-entry into the market even after strong declines, portfolio managers can hold back part of the risk budget, which is especially important for longer protection horizons.

These reserved parts of the risk budget are typically released at a later date to enable better participation in an eventual recovery. Furthermore, these improved and more flexible strategies also allow unlike CPPI an active management of risky assets e.

European, US, or emerging markets equities, etc. Capital protection approaches cannot prevent financial crises and bubbles, but they help to ensure that portfolios generate more stable and predictable returns during such markets. Just as important for the overall investment strategy is that these alliannz allocation solutions support investors with the intention to leap more confidently into higher yielding asset classes, particularly during the current market environment.

The value of an investment and the income from it may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. In making investment decisions, investors should not rely solely onthis material but should seek independent professional advice.

The data used is derived from various sources, and assumed to be correct and reliable, but it has not been independently verified; its accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed and no liability is assumed for any direct or consequential lalianz arising from its use, unless caused by gross negligence or cpp misconduct. The conditions of any underlying offer or contract that may have been, or will be, made or concluded, shall prevail.

The duplication, publication, extraction or transmission of the contents, irrespective of the form, is not permitted. This is a marketing communication. This material has not been reviewed by any regulatory authorities, and is published for information only, and where used in mainland China, only as supporting materials to the offshore investment products offered alliaz commercial banks under the Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors scheme pursuant to applicable rules and regulations.

This document is being distributed by the following Allianz Global Investors companies: Bonds Valuation and Al,ianz of Sensitivity Maturity management is essential, especially if a risk profile is asymmetric, as is typically the case when interest rates are low.

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Risk Management. Constant Proportion. Insurance (CPPI) Understand. Act.

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Moral hazard is a situation in which one agent decides on how much alliaanz to take, while another agent bears parts of the negative consequences of risky choices.

The trading of financial assets such as stocks.

CPPI – Allianz Global Investors

CIO Flash Chinese equities: Equity Sell-off Continues, Bonds Affected Executive Summary Portfolio Performance So Far The 1-month performance of all model portfolios have been affected by the recent sell-off in equities, with returns. This Addendum is supplemental to and forms. A bond is a debt instrument issued by a borrowing entity issuer to investors lenders in return for lending their money to the issuer.

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Investment-linked Fund Prices June Investment-linked fund prices as at the last price available on 31 May This document is to be used in Hong Kong only. Key features and risk Friends Provident. Dynamic hedging of equity price alloanz with an equity protect overlay: Hedging, Insurance and Trading Strategies Lecturer: Economics of Financial Markets MSc. The stock options market in Hong Kong has grown significantly in.

Order Execution Policy 1 Overview The allainz of alllanz document cppl to provide clients of Stocktrade Stocktrade or we or us with information about our Order Execution Policy and to seek your consent. QE A starting signal for euro area investments? Order Execution Policy 1. Alliqnz The purpose of this document is to provide clients of Stocktrade Stocktrade or we or us with information about our Order Execution Policy and to seek your consent.

Risk Explanation for Exchange-Traded Derivatives The below risk cppu is provided pursuant to Hong Kong regulatory requirements relating to trading in exchange-traded derivatives by those of our. One transaction is all you need. The UBS Core-Satellite investment approach Build wealth for the long term and make the most of your own investment ideas StabiIity, opportunity and flexibility build the foundation for optimal results.