If this situation applies to you, contact the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Also if your employment duties, Telephone number. T E (15). (Vous pouvez. T – Overseas Employment Tax Credit (OETC) The Canada Revenue Agency says The OETC provides a tax reduction for up to $, of income. Work in Dubai and CRA – T – Overseas Employment Tax Credit -. QUESTION: I will be working in Dubai for 2 months with a residency permit earning good.

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T(Page 1) – fill out and auto calculate/complete form online

Using the T-slips entry screen. How do I fra this form? Report all income in the Income section of the Interview. Be sure to enter the amounts from box 72 Section Claim the overseas employment tax credit in the Deductions section of the interview. The credit is claimed automatically based on amounts entered from your T4 slip.


T626 – Overseas Employment Tax Credit (OETC)

To enter 6t26 information, you must first answer some questions in the Personal Profile screens at the beginning of the interview. Click Take Me There to go there now.

Part 1 of this form must be completed by your employer, and you must meet all of the conditions of the form to qualify for the credit. You will not qualify if your employer answers No to any of the questions in Part 1.

Complete Part 2 of the form after your employer completes Part 1. This amount is transferred to line of your Schedule 1.

Entering this Amount from Forms: Entering Schedule 1 Line and T Your employer is required to complete Part A of Form T As a result, you cannot h626 Part 1 of the form on your computer. Instead, print the form and give the first part to your employer to complete.

Then complete Part 2 using your computer. Entering this Amount from Interview: You cannot file your return electronically when you claim the OETC.


T – Overseas Employment Tax Credit (OETC)

You may be able to claim this credit if both of the following apply for You were a resident or deemed resident of Canada at any time in the year.

You have employment income from certain kinds of work you did in another country. What employment qualifies for the OETC?

To qualify for the OETC, an individual must: Specified employer A specified employer t6266 Your employer may need to consult subsection Alternative Minimum Tax Claiming this tax credit may result in you having to pay alternative minimum tax.

Related information Schedule 1: Line – Overseas employment tax credit.