High-school seniors Dominique and Wes are two inexperienced teens who explore first love, and sex, together. Written in Dom’s authentic voice, this debut. About. Before this all happened, the closest I’d ever come to getting physical with a guy was playing the board game Operation. Okay, so maybe that sounds. “Like [Judy Blume’s] Forever, this sensitive, candid novel is sure to find a wide audience among curious teens.”–Booklist Before this all happened, the closest I’ d.

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And, of course, I absolutely loved Calvin and Amy. Her medical terminology, used profusely to evaluate her feelings and the situations she finds herself in, is often hilarious.

I’m sure if teens did, the backseat of a car would be seen in a different light. This is when she meets Guy. Some of my reviews also have links to Amazon. This is her first novel. Loving you made me turn out bitter and hopeless like her. She argues with her new crush, Guy, who is experienced, good-looking, and has similar interests snaeowsky our leading lady.

Review: Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky

No real plot at all — just sex and a whiny loser and her “baby boy”. Someone Else Just Anayomy 2. Some scenes are inappropriate for younger audiences but overall it depicts what the majority of teens experience at one point or another, making it so relatable for a variety of people.

The conflict in the book is both man vs. Here, though, Dom is eons more likable. There are no horror stories, but she doesn’t make it out to be super simple either.

Were I not asexual and back in high school, these books would have meant the world to me and possibly changed my life. Anatomy of a Boyfriend Daria Snadowsky Limited preview – I read it within a few hours and it was just okay.


Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky | : Books

You can tell they also keep great touch despite going to different colleges, miles and miles away from each other. One minute she’d be really hot with Wes and the next, snap!

Boyfrienr publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Dominique is a character that becomes interested in her own anatomy, after she meets Wes, who literally makes her heart throb. Yes, it’s got some sex scenes, but they are so clinical they could be in a textbook.

I highly recommend Anatomy of a Single Girl as an awesome read for teen girls as well as teen boys, but it’s not just for the teens. I could totally relate to so many things Dom went through.

To ask other readers questions about Anatomy of a Boyfriendplease sign up. I wanted to smack her for not at least anaatomy some type of empathy and remorse for that.

Maybe it was his soulful blue eyes, or maybe my hormones just started raging. The characters are all relatable in one boydriend or another, whether you are experienced or inexperienced. Like Anatomy of a Boyfriend, this book has a lot of sex. She’s figuring boyrriend out that most teenagers are struggling with as well.

I think her mood swings also completely caught me off guard. View all 4 comments. Originally posted on Once Upon a Bookcase. Refresh and try again. And probably also because The Princess Bride is my all time favorite movie. First off, that it one heck of a catchy title. Boyfrkend book is hilarious! In this book, Dominique starts to become a confident and independent young woman, and there is no question that she is a lot more mature than she was in the beginning of Anatomy of a Boyfriend.

Snadowsky knows how to write women — strong, flawed women who are open to discovering their bodies and what makes them feel good. I only wish I would have had something like this to read when Boyfridnd was a teen. Overal, it was a good read and sequel to Anatomy of a Boyfriend: Actually, I’d done a total anatoy old thing and skimmed for the sex scenes because it’d been recommended to me to check out when for honest depiction of sex scenes.


Jul 07, Ifwhennotthen rated it did not like it Shelves: The only thing I applaud her for is admitting up to these faults, but it still didn’t make them any easier for me to digest. Snadowsky’s books have been likened to Forever by Judy Blume which, I think, is one of the most accurate comparisons out there. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have read this book if I hadn’t checked it out at the same time as I checked out the first book in the series.

The sex scenes start to focus less on what Dominique do Anatomy of a Single Girl is about Dominique’s experience as a single girl in snasowsky, with all the scary firsts behind her and a future as an adult ahead anxtomy her. I found him quite charming actually. I recommend this story if you’re looking for something quick, without a lot of fluff, and a sense of realism to keep you engaged. I read a hoyfriend of reviews for this book dariaa both good and bad, which is pretty much what intrigued me enough to pick it up and read it.

One of the main themes in this book though, is her relationship with Guy. She would actually judge Amy for simply talking to or flirting with a guy because to Dom this behavior is something that should happen between two people who are working towards getting married and having lots of babies one anatomu.