DC Training is a very effective, nontraditional bodybuilding program. I say ‘ effective’ because many trainees have exhibited great results while. Doggcrapp training, also called DC training, is a workout system developed by Dante Trudel that focuses on rest-pause sets & training. You ever hear about DC Training? Well, you should have. If not this is the best resource we have found to learn more about. This style of.

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What is the best Doggcrapp workout? The name might sound pretty foul, but bodybuilders have been gaining success through it. Learn more about what DC training is, who put the program together and more The name might sound pretty foul, doggdrapp bodybuilders have been gaining success through Doggcrapp training. The Doggcrapp principles are aimed at creating amazing amounts of muscle in a short period of time. Have you ever used the Doggcrapp training method? How were the results? If not, do you plan on using Doggcrapp training?

Why or why not?

To use your credit, e-mail Will will bodybuilding. Dante started off his quest as a bodybuilder with the old volume training concepts like everyone else did. He followed what he tarining in magazines for a couple years, skipping around training program to training program. Eventually, he realized all of what he had been reading was all based on obsessive-compulsiveness. It was far simpler to gain mass than he and many others though. Instead of trsining “I must do 4 sets each of inclinesdeclinesflat benchcable cross-overs to hit my chest at all trianing so I can grow,” over the past decade and a half or so, he created a more straightforward way to gain mass that has come to be known as DC training.

Heavy weights are essential for training DC. It’s ridiculous to see how many pound bodybuilders claiming that you don’t have to lift heavy to get big, but you never see those same small bodybuilders benching pounds, squatting pounds, and deadlifting pounds.

A bodybuilder who can throw around that kind of weight will be no doubt an above average bodybuilder. As for rest pausing, you pick a rep range to reach and you pick the heaviest weight you can use for that exercise. You’re not there to get a “pump” or tarining you want to call it. You want to lift that weight with all out intensity for how ever many reps you can handle. After you hit your first failure, sit up and recuperate for breaths, then go at it again with the same weight until you hit failure.

Rinse and repeat one more time. This is the multi-rep rest tarining technique that you must doggcrapl on many of the exercises, with a few exceptions of course.

You do not rest pause quad and back thickness exercises for safety reasons, and forearms also do not need to be rest paused. Low Volume trainlng High Frequency. One part of DC training that makes it very unappealing to experienced volume trainers is because of its very low volume.

It’s one set per body part per workout. I can’t get much out of one set! Believe me, after hitting failure 3 times within that one set, you should not be able to do any more. The split looks like this:. You will cycle through this 2-way split. Pick one exercise for each body part for three different workouts. That means on Monday week 1incline bench presses are done, Friday week 1 decline presses are done, then on Wednesday week 3 flat dumbbell presses are done.

I will write a full sample DC rotation later. Here are some examples of exercises that can be done. This will be intense and one of the hardest things you will do on DC. When you are up on the toes slowly lower it down over the course of 5 seconds, and once you reach the bottom, hold it for a deep stretch for seconds.

Other exercises can be incorporated as well. One of the major aspects DC advocates is compound movements. Isolation movements have their place, but who can seriously make huge strength gains doing lateral raises. Maybe you can go from 20 pounds to 50 or 60 pounds or so, but that’s not a huge strength gain.


DoggCrapp Training

Those people who go doggcrpp military pressing pounds to pounds will sure as hell have nice deltoid development. One of DC training’s best features is the extreme stretching techniques. These are best done for a body part directly after its exercise. These will stretch fascia and help recovery immensely. These are a must! DoggCrapp Training Method By: Doggcrapp Retrieved From www. Flat bench pound trainung chest high – lungs full of air – first 10 seconds drop down into deepest stretch and then next 50 seconds roggcrapp push the stretch this really, really hurts but do it faithfully and come back and post on the AE message board in 4 weeks and tell me if your chest isn’t much dlggcrapp and rounder.

Seated on a flat bench-my back up against the barbell – pound dumbbell in my hand behind my head like in an overhead dumbbell extension – sink dumbbell down into position for the first 10 seconds and then an agonizing 50 seconds slightly leaning back and pushing the dumbbell down with the back of my head.

This one is tough to describe – put barbell in squat rack shoulder height – face away from it and reach back and grab it palms up hands on bottom of bar – walk yourself outward until you doggctapp on your heels and the stretch gets doggcra;p – then roll your shoulders downward and hold for 60 seconds.

Just like the above position but hold barbell palms down now hands on top of bar –sink down in a squatting position first and if you can hack it into a kneeling position and then if you can hack that sink your butt down – 60 seconds – I cannot make it 60 seconds – I get to about 45 – it’s too painful tfaining if you can make it 60 seconds you are either inhuman or you need doggcarpp raise the bar up another rung.

Honestly for about 3 years my training partner and I would hang a pound dumbbell from our waist and hung on the widest chin-up bar with wrist straps to see who could get closest to 3 minutes – I never made it – I think 2 minutes 27 seconds was my record – but my back width is by far my best body part – I pull on a doorknob or stationary equipment with a rounded back now and it’s way too hard too explain here – just try it and get your feel for it.

Either leg up on a high barbell holding my toe and trying to force my leg straight with my dggcrapp hand for an excruciating painful 60 seconds.

DoggCrapp Training – JCD Fitness

Facing a barbell in a power rack about hip high – grip it and simultaneously sink down and throw your knees under the barbell and do a sissy squat underneath it while going up on your toes. Then straighten your arms and lean as far back as you can – 60 seconds and if this one doesn’t make you hate my guts and bring tears to your eyes nothing will – do this one faithfully and tell me in 4 weeks if your quads don’t look a lot different than they used to.

My weak body part that I couldn’t get up to par until 2 years ago when I finally thought it out and figured out how to make them grow with only one set twice a week too. I don’t need to stretch calves after because when I do calves I explode on the positive and take 5 seconds to get back to full stretch and then 15 doggcrspp at the bottom “one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand etc” – 15 seconds stretching at the bottom thinking and trying to flex my toes toward my shin – it is absolutely unbearable and you will most likely traibing shaking and want to give up at about 7 reps I always go for 12 reps with maximum weights.


Do this on a hack squat or a leg press – my calves have finally taken off due to this and caught up to the rest of me thank God.

The DC routine is not complete without the DC diet and cardio paired with it. DC’s recommended diet and cardio mainly consists of:. Blasting and cruising phases are needed as well.

A blast, where you continually beat the log book and eat like a monster, is usually weeks depending on the individual’s recovery time. During the blast it is crucial to write down every exercise you do and the pounds and dogcrapp you did because you must beat that weight every time.

After that, a cruise is needed to fully recover yourself and your CNS. During a cruise, do sets of 20 for every body part and never go to failure. The point is to recover and maintain. You may also drop a meal during the day. The cruise should last about to days. The central nervous system along with the peripheral nervous system comprise a primary division of controls that command all physical activities of a trqining.

Neurons of the central nervous system affect consciousness and mental activity while spinal extensions of central nervous system neuron pathways affect skeletal muscles and organs in the body. There are many other aspects that may not have been covered so it is necessary to contact Dante personally to fully achieve the phenomenal DC results.

DC Workout Compiled By: Out of those pick three different exercises for every body part and arrange them in a split like this:. Use 1 exercise for each body part.

So having picked 3 exercises for each body part, you should have 6 different workouts, making a full rotation of the workouts lasting 2 weeks. It’s imperative you bring a log book to the gym and every time you come back to the exercise you must beat the weight you did last time.

If you are eating, sleeping, and training correctly, you should be able to surpass all your weights. If traiining do not beat the doggcrxpp, you must switch the exercise out for a new one. You must make one yourself or contact Dante to find out what’s right for you. DC training is extremely low volume 1 working set per body part only at a higher frequency.

A very experienced bodybuilder who knows their body’s limits, recovery abilities, and how to generate the needed intensity to beat the log book. This is for those bodybuilders that have tried many other programs and routines. DC will help break those plateaus.

All about Doggcrapp Training – DC Training

This is not for teenagers who have only been training a year or so. If you are a teenager, however hardcore you think you are, you are not ready for DC training.

How Were The Results? Why Or Why Not? I have not tried DC training since there are so many more options out there before jumping into such an intense training program. I do plan to try DC after a couple of more years when I am actually experienced enough to tackle such a feat. Workout of the Week is where forum members are asked to answer questions about what they think the best workouts are.

Explain the philosophy behind the Doggcrapp training techniques. Who would benefit the most from a Doggcrapp training routine? Show off your knowledge to the world! The fundamental principles of DC training include: Incredibly heavy weights Multi-rep rest pausing Low volume with higher frequency Extreme stretching Carb cutoffs Low intensity cardio High protein intake Blasting and cruising phases Heavy Weights Heavy weights are essential for training DC.

While each method of training has its own following there also those that use both. Click Image To Enlarge.