Fax. +49 (0) / [email protected] / www. Technical Data. Modifications or deviations are reserved R Elster A Current favourite; Optional RS; Measuring instantaneous values; active, reactive and apparent; emailed Elster on 5/12/12 for. Honeywell Elster Water is a global business which provides world class metering solutions and advanced technologies to help water utilities to manage their.

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Buying and installing a smart meter

The real-time clock supplies the time stamp for all events inside the meter, such as time stamp for maximum measurement, time stamp for voltage interruptions, etc. The parameters for the integrated clock can be read off at the meter’s display using a switching number. Lowest CT is 40A. Com GmbH, Berlin Publication close: It has been specified that two-digit year figures from 90 up to and including 99 are assigned to the twentieth century.

The top fixing centers are provided, one internal and one external The terminal cover is moulded in light beige colored polycarbonate.

Product Specification instalert Rapid Messenger Variable Message Sign instalert 2 units to cover any application instalert 18 ia The reactive energy calculation is done by using a 90 0 phase shift between voltage and current and a following multiplication of voltage and current according eq Theft resistant measurement always run positive The can be ordered with an optional theft resistant measurement that records negative energy flow as positive energy flow.

Output of the telegram’s data always begins with the oldest interrogated value. The default More information.

This document may subject to change by Renesas Technology Singapore without prior notice. This can be done by either More information. If the order includes a request for a time range for which there are no entries, the meter will respond with “P. GPS data logging in internal memory. After the segment test will be displayed the standard elsster readout list of the meter can be read by the optical port.


In this case, a running integration period will not be restarted. The switching elste are here defined by the switching table. With you can control access on hundreds of doors for up to 10, More information.

With the theft-resistant option, the P arrow is not used. The A permits up to 90 days of load profile data to be collected in less than 30 seconds.

Additionally with a wireless M-Bus communication gas- and water-meters can be readout using the MHz frequency Integrated elxter profile The meter offers an integrated load profile with x220 to 8 channels Readout during power outage By pushing the display button the meter is able to display all billing data even if the main power is absent.

At the end of the storage capacity the oldest value of the load profile will be overwritten by the actual one. The case provides an ingress protection rating of IP With this approach the frequently reading of elstet and water meters is included.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. HART Communication Manual The information and technical data disclosed in this document may be used and disseminated only for the purposes and to the extent specifically authorized in slster by General.

Datenblatt A220

This is to record More information. Combi B Alarm box. R 4 of the 4 energy quadrants Combination of reactive energies, e.


This feature can be used to deter power theft or minimize the effects of improper meter wiring. By using the exchangeable battery the readout feature is available even if the meter is not powered for longer than 4 years, depending on the number of readouts without main power.

Depending on the meter parameterization involved, all or only some of the functions described below will be supported.

Display of activated tariff The tariffs T1 to T4 and M1 to M2 switched on at any one time are continuously displayed. An associated error identifier can be read out. In order to elter up data more quickly, existing preceding values can be skipped and the value following the preceding values can be displayed. WatchPower Install and Uninstall The following integration period is terminated synchronously with the device time, and may be shortened if the resetting has not been synchronized so as to harmonize with the integration period raster.

Thyristor-controlled power supplies and battery chargers Thyristor-controlled power supplies and battery chargers Input voltage: Accessories and Options 3 4. Freescale Semiconductor Document Number: The “R5” and “W5” commands defined in conformity with EN are used for this purpose: The major components More information.

The significance of the individual bits in each group can be selected on a manufacturer-specific base. This feature eoster very useful for future tariff changes.