The acidly funny first book starring the subversive sleuth in one of the most successful mystery series of all time. Fletch is an investigative reporter whose. : Fletch and the Man Who (): Gregory Mcdonald: Books. Fletch [Gregory McDonald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . Fletch Irwin Fletcher. A down-and-out beach bum among the drug-ridden.

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Now, I tried to ignore and dismiss that gaffe altogether but I just couldn’t like the character. I do recall it being goofier and more of a straightforward comedy than the book is.

All the men look like pretzels. Mcdonaod the client thinks Fletch is a drifter like the other losers and addicts scattered across the sand. As Mcdonald’s official website notes: This is one of the titles I included my top 10o Mystery Books and re-reading it has not dampened with enthusiasm for its witty dialogue, smart plot and poignant depiction of those lost on the outer fringes of society.

The Buck Passes Flynn 3. Retrieved from ” https: The prime example of this style is not in a mystery, but in “Lovers and Pantaloons,” the first work in his volume on The Seven Ages of Man, “Exits and Entrances. Fletch Lives Gregory Mcdonald, Mar 27, Kemper rated it really liked it Shelves: Fletch’s Fortune, Inference: And when they talk they sound like a Dick-and-Jane book.

Thus far this year, I’ve read nine books including this book, Fletch, published in Some stories, at the end when the “who-done-it” is revealed, the recount information mdonald was mcdonwld introduced in the story. Then he embarks on a clandestine investigation to find out if the man really is dying of cancer while still trying to figure out the source of the drugs on the beach as his editor demands that he print what he already knows.


Of course, some see this as a virtue, but be aware that Confess, Fletchfor mvdonald, is as much a Flynn novel as it is a Fletch novel, and Fletch is pretty much a secondary character in Fletch Reflected.

S – Please avoid the movie.

The Official Gregory Mcdonald Website

This was the first book he recommended. Feb 21, Asghar Abbas rated it it was amazing. This book is a well-executed mystery, with clues to get you thinking but not give away the ultimate end-game. Feb 19, Ed rated it really liked it. I found the character to be not nearly as appealing as I remembered, or perhaps I shouldn’t take offense at a man who seems now to me to be an amoral, sexist, womanizer.

Fletch Series

Chase himself is a good not inspired, but good choice to play the wisecracking reporter, and a number of interesting people pop up in minor roles. Unscrupulous hero, very funny. As mentioned above, my copy was gifted to me by a friend. I’ve read that the sequels provide diminishing returns, and don’t find that kcdonald given what a fantastic job Mcdonald did with the first book.

Fletch Lives: Gregory Mcdonald’s Revolutionary Sleuth

Buy this book Confess Fletch The two crime puzzles are ingenious and neatly solved while the farcical element becomes more pronounced as the story moves towards its elaborate climax in which all the plot strands come together.


I wonder if Gregory McDonald has matured emotionally since writing this book. Silly me, little did I know. Nonfiction Unsold Television Pilots: Evidently Smith has held the film rights to the book series for a while now, and has been quoted as saying “I actually learned to write dialogue by reading Mcdonald’s Fletch books.

Eventually the original series would run to nine novels, published between andtwo belated gregogy in the following decade and four spin-offs. Emmet Walsh, George Wendt, Geena Davis It doesn’t take the source material too seriously, but that’s part of it’s off-kilter charm.

The movie, of course, is way different. Skylar in Yankeeland, Comment: Yet he had an idiosyncratic code of honor, as well: Fletch, at least when we initially meet him, is a hotshot LA-based newspaper reporter beset by a hypertense and demanding editor, two ex-wives hungry for alimony although arguably hungrier for Fletch himselfand a coterie of military men determined to award Fletch a Bronze Star he doesn’t want.

This site uses cookies. Fletch is a mystery novel by Gregory Mcdonaldthe first in a series featuring the character Irwin Maurice Fletcher.

Some later volumes in the series have their detractors. By the way, I can’t really compare the book to the Chevy Chase movie.