New York Times bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates’s strongest and most unsparing novel yet—an always engrossing, often shocking evocation. By the end of Foxfire we know it too, emerging from another punishing round in the ring with Joyce Carol Oates. In this sombre story of blood. It was between the ages of thirteen and seventeen that I belonged to FOXFIRE and FOXFIRE made sacred those years.” Madeleine Faith Wirtz narrates Oates’s .

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Confessions of a Girl Gang directed by French director Laurent Cantetwas released in Europe in December and has been cited as being a more faithful adaptation of the book.

In many ways, Legs is as multi-faceted as the book cagol. LitFlash The eBooks you pates at the lowest prices. Foxfire is a gang in the lower class society, but the first all girl gang.

These contrasting settings mirror the co Foxfire is set in the s, in a fictional city in New York. It’s like, no matter how imaginative the writer may be, they still need to enter their stories through someone who is like themselves. She was a girl unchecked by adult reason or reassurance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She showed that it was a problem back then and the true message came out when the group of girls tried to stand up for that not to happen ever again.

I can also see that it really resonates with others. After you start reading you will not even notice they are there and it will not be a problem. But for me, it was perfect. In fact, the sky seemed to take on an almost salvific quality for Maddie and Legs, the two main protagonists. The story is set in the 50s, but, except for a few scattered cultural markers, it could just foxxfire easily foxfite set in the contemporary moment.


Not that Foxfire deals explicitly with music at any point, but Oates is able to distill that same electricity. El tema principal del libro es la diferencia. The time is the s. The well developed characters really were an asset and without them the book would just be a story that oatds read foxfird they had to, the feelings would not be there. Legs is stoic from the very beginning drawing others toward her with admiration and jealousy, flattery.

Dec 17, Shelbi Stogdill rated it really liked it. Jul 23, Randy Mason rated it it was amazing.

Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang

I had trouble recognizing these shifts between point of view, which made reading this book much more complicated. Foi uma boa est Uma boa supresa!

Not quite 4 stars, more 3. Dec 14, Amron Born rated it really liked it. Cover of first edition, first printing Dutton, However ultimately I went with one, because I just wasn’t engaged with this book throughout reading it, and was slightly elated once I was done and knew I didn’t have to pick it up again. I liked Legs and Maddy. Son ellas contra el mundo, son el mundo o ellas, las hermanas de Foxfire, las del fuego que nunca se apaga.

When the kidnapping plan goes wrong, it results in the breakup of the Foxfire gang and the mysterious disappearance of Legs herself. Please add page number. Foxfire is set in the s, in a fictional city in New York. I remember the book being decent, if not entirely believable.


Like a river hundreds of miles long exists both at its source and at its mouth, simultaneously? It was truly a very awesome read, and something that I will no doubt pick up again in the future.

Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang by Joyce Carol Oates

Sadovsky realises consciously or otherwise that the way out of their abuse is female solidarity and collective action, which works… to a degree.

Foxfire c’est une famille. Feb 08, Anna Bananas!

Rosamond Smith and Lauren Kelly. I was hardly expecting it, but this tale of a ‘s girl gang taking on the world is fofire of surprises and very impressive. Books by Joyce Carol Oates.

I would expect someone looking back on her teenage years to experience a flood of memories and emotions not oatfs expressed in good grammar. This book was sometimes difficult to read, because of the mechanics of the writing. I think that the characters are pretty nicely developed.

Buttinger is openly laughed at in school and quickly retires from teaching altogether. Also by Joyce Carol Oates.

Stay in Touch Sign up. Foxfire is absolutely riveting and incredible! Preview — Foxfire by Joyce Carol Oates. His secret now public, Mr. A gang leader with a purpose: The portrait painted of Legs Sedovosky is oatrs beautiful I wish I had known her.