sportive,Teorie si metodica, Editura Aldin, Buc.;. GHEORGHE, CÂRSTEA () – Teoria si metodica educatiei. fizice si sportului, Editura An. Sport (2). The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture. 1st Year, sem 2, CARSTEA, Gheorghe – Educatia fizica – fundamente teoretice și metodice, COLIBABA- EVULET, D; BOTA, Ioan – Jocuri sportive,Teorie si metodica, Editura Aldin, Buc. Carstea Gheorghe, Teoria si metodica educatiei fizice si sportului, Editura Universul;. Bucuresti. 2. Dragnea Adrian, Antrenamentul sportive. Editura.

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Patient diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis inwho underwent left hip arthroplasty in has presented for cervical pain, right hip joint pain, difficulties in walking.

Complaints are accompanied by dysfunctionality, thus, affecting activities of daily life. Ankylosing spondylitis, clinical, functional and radiological stage 4, centralperipherical type, in activity. Right hip osteoarthritis secondary to coxitis.

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Status post left hip arthroplasty. Blindness of left eye. The major histocompatibility complex genes have an important influence in genetic susceptibility to the disease, but today it is known that in addition educatei the strong strong association with HLA-B27, other genes are also associated with this disorder Brown MA, The disease affects 0.

It is an important cause of pain and stiffness, leading to long-term disabilities. Osteoarthrosis, is the most common chronic degenerative joint disorder, with gheorge same long-term evolution and disabling potential Lane NE, It is also a multifactorial disease, being influenced both by genes and by environmental factors Juhakoski R, colab, Mariana Cevei.

The family history revealed that his mother had osteoarthritis and stroke. From his medical history we mention that he has blindness of the left eye, due to a trauma at 5 years old, he was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis in and had a left hip arthroplasty in Complains are mehodica of permanent nature, of s intensity, increasing in clinostatism and with discreet improvement after mobilization. These complains are accompanied by dysfunction, thus, affecting activities of daily life.

He attended annual medical rehabilitation since in Medical Rehabilitation Clinical Hospital Baile-Felix, with discrete improvement of symptoms and function.

Based on the history and background we established the diagnosis of cervico-dorso-lumbar vertebral syndrome, static and dynamic, through ankylosing spondylitis. The other dignoses were: Otherwise, examination of other systems revealed normal data with the exception of the locomotor apparatus, with: Trendelenburg could not be appreciated, because of the prosthesis and flexum of hip.

Analyzing the medical history and the clinical examination we established the clinical diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis, clinical and functional stage 3, central-peripherical type Elyan M, colab, The other diagnoses were right hip osteoarthritis secondary to coxitis, status post left hip arthroplasty and blindness of the left eye.

Blood chemistry – where we found elevated educatkei. ECG was without pathological changes. Eye examination for uveitis was negative. Spirometry was performed for restrictive ventilatory dysfunction: Based on history, the objective examination and laboratory examinations have established the following diagnosis: Ankylosing spondylitis, clinical, functional and radiological stage 4, central-peripherical type, in activity.

In this case missing dermatosis exclude this diagnosis. Control of pain and inflammation 2. Combat contractures, muscle retraction and muscular functional imbalances 3. Reeducation of posture, symmetry, body and walking alignment 4. Regain joint mobility, muscle tone and trophicity 5. Ameliorate respiratory function Therapeutic means: It carsfea increases the risk of complications e.

Hidrokinetotherapy at 36 degrees, 20 minutes, with the aim to obtain: Kinetotherapy is crucial in ankylosing spondylitis. It combines exercises addressed to spinal static and dynamic disorders from ankylosing spondylitis and exercises designed for hip prosthesis and hip osteoarthritis.

Thoracal respiratory reeducation aims to raise awareness on thoracic cage and abdominal movements during breathing phases. An appropriate kinetic program will be performed all the lifetime daily sessions, each session lasting minutes.

To get a better physical condition and to remain able to move, it is very important that individuals suffering from ankylosing spondylitis also exercises at home. Paraffin cape and on the right hip, with painkiller and muscle relaxing effects 4.

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Diadynamic cervical currents, with painkiller and decontracturant effects 5. Laser, with inflammatory effect, muscle relaxing The evolution is chronic, progressive and irregular. Work prognosis is also reserved. The primary goal of the therapy is to maximise long term health-related quality of life, by different means, using pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments Braun J, colab, Today medical therapy has significantly improved prognosis of patients, especially for ankylosing spondylitis.


Still, kinetic therapy remains important, complementing medical treatment Nghiem FT, colab, Water therapy improves symptoms and also function.

Patients who also performed home exercise programs have had an improvement of symptoms, mobility, function and overall quality of life Elyan M, colab, ; Dagfinrud H, colab, Pisters MF showed that behavioral graded activity had a better effect on hip osteoarthritis than usual exercise therapy. Difficulties in management of such patients, in establishing the appropriate physical kinetic program are also due to osteoporosis that occurs in these patients Korczowska I, colab, ; Ghozlani I, colab, Medication combined with physical kinetic and thermal baths therapies had led to disability reduction and ameliorated quality of life in patients with ankylosing spondylitis Colina M, Elyan M, Khan MA.

Mosby Elsevier, Felson DT. Long-term effectiveness of exercise therapy in patients with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee: This paper approaches the content of physical and sportive education for extracurricular activities, aiming to find new means to develop the general endurance, a prioritary goal for this age. The education of endurance at this level has certain differentiations regarding the means that are used, but especially the methods used to apply those means.

Out of the forms of endurance, it is required for the adolescents to develop especially their aerobic endurance, which well tolerated by the high-school students. It is a well-known fact that generally, this motor skill is approached only during the physical education lessons, in the last thematic part, through running in a uniform tempo. This study advances the idea that aerobic endurance can develop under good conditions also outside these school classes, using both running of various duration on flat or varied landbut also other means, more varied and more attractive for the students at this sensitive age.

These alternative means, identified as being: Usually, this motor skill is educated only during physical education classes, using almost exclusively the flat land running. We believe that this can be achieved also outside these classes, both by using running of various durations, and by using other development means that are more attractive for the students, and which, in our opinion, can be used, even in combination, to develop endurance in a more pleasant and varied way.

It is important to choose your own rhythm, for your own comfort, trying to eliminate discomfort as much as possible. During the first hours, a certain time after starting to run, a certain respiratory discomfort can appear. If this happens, you must not interrupt your movement, but diminish your rhythm to walking, to recover, and then keep on running. Gradually, you wil see that the distance covered during walking will become smaller, meaning that the aerobe endurance has increased.

The distance covered during running will gradually increase, but you must not cover alsways the same maximum distance, but adapt it to the moment. Even if most physical education teachers consider running as the only means of developing endurance, we believe that this ability can be developed very well through other means, which we present below.

Hiking It is the most well-known and most practiced form of tourism, consisting in covering certain touristic roads of different lengths, heights, and difficulties. It can be, for the Romanian physical education system, an important means of developing the adolescents motor skills, thus, implicitly, also their aerobe endurance. The hiking tours take, generally, about hours, with minutes breaks for one hour of walking, but also with shorter breaks, of minutes, for shorter intervals 15 minuteswhen the difficulty of the terrain impose it.

The effort characterizing hiking is an aerobe one, steady-state, with small intervals of mix aerobe-anaerobe toward the aerobe area, emphasized when the ascension is performed on a high angle slope. The breaks are recommended to be of 10 minutes for one hour of walking, in which there is a recovery of the heart rate to normal, rest values; in the situations when certain more steep sections are covered, short, minutes breaks are taken, allowing a partial recovery, up to values over 90 beats per minute.

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Hiking can be performed very well in any season, existing however certain conditions temperature, snow, ice, duration of the light during the day, danger of avalanches, etc. Cyclotourism Cycling is a sportive-utilitarian activity, a very good way to relax, being a sports branch at the same time, comprising many events.

The effort demanded by this sport is within the category of cyclic efforts, with an increased demand on the cardio-respiratory system, with important energy expenditures, where the determining role is played by the general cardio-respiratory endurance and the local muscle endurance.

The basic motor skill demanded by cyclotourism is long term endurance, type 2 and 3 over 1 hour. For the high school students, cyclotourism is a very good means of developing the aerobe endurance. It can be practiced individually, or better yet, in physically homogeneous groups, taking into account the emulation state that can appear. For reaching the set goals, we suggest a few methodical-organizational indications: Swimming The large popularity of this sport in all age categories is due to the favorable effect exerted by the water effort on one s body, this being considered one of the most important means of strengthening one s body Demeter, After a regular and prolonged practice of swimming, one can observe an increase in the thoracic perimeter and diameter, in the vital capacity, in the maximum respiratory flow, and in the VO2 max.

Playing games Playing games soccer, handball, volleyball, basketball, tennis represent some of the most beloved means of developing the students motor skills, and not only, constituting an attractive segment of physical education and sports. The demand on the body is different from one game to another, depending on the duration, the continuity or discontinuity of the effort, the dimensions of the court, and the number of players comprised by the team. Even in the same game, the demand on the body presents higher or lower oscillations, depending on the microclimate, the game tempo, the performance level, and not in the least, on the position the player has within the team.

In playing games, the effort intensity is variable, starting from small and moderate to submaximal, or even maximal.

Usually, playing games have a long duration, requiring the intensification of the autonomous functions circulation, respiration, internal secretion, thermal regulationconferring them the characteristics of cardio-respiratory efforts. Short and intense efforts are combined with mix efforts anaerobe-aerobe and with aerobe efforts.

The rapport of these types of effort differs, both during one game, and especially during various games Demeter, Out of the playing games practiced on a large scale by teenagers, soccer, handball, and basketball offer the best possibilities educatiie developing the endurance, under its various forms, including aerobic endurance.

At this age, it is required for the adolescents to develop especially their aerobic endurance, which well tolerated by the high-school students.

Annals of the University of Oradea. Physical Education and Sport Fascicle

There are other, alternative means through which the endurance can be developed, such as extracurricular, more attractive activities, which are less used. Hiking, cyclotourism, swimming, playing games, can be succesfully used in developing the endurance, especially the aerobic endurance, in high-school students, respecting certain given methodical-organizatorical indications. The Deliberate Practice Theory postulates that experts are always made, not born.

However, literature suggests that the sport promoting strategies are being maintained despite of the increased demands in the anthropometric characteristics of professional players and demands of the actual professional soccer competitions. On the other hand, the task of the researchers to identify biological variables that can predict performance turned almost impossible. Persistence in activity seems to represent a complex process of conciliation between personal expectations and the climate fostered by others with a progressive reduction of sources of conflict.

This underlines the importance of the social environment and of the athletes long-term membership in their clubs.