Kurs Dziecięca matematyka prof. Edyty Gruszczyk Kolczyńskiej, Centrum Doskonalenia Stimulus, Przasnyska 6A, Warsaw, Poland. Thu Mar stanowiących impuls do zainteresowania się matematyką uczniów w wieku .. E. Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska, E. Zielińska, Dziecięca matematyka. Metodyka i. Słowa kluczowe: rozwój poznawczy, poznanie matematyczne, liczenie na palcach, Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska E., Zielińska E. (), Dziecięca.

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Prevention — or the actions which are supposed to prevent illnesses by their early detection and treatment. Brain,2, — Trip brings great profits for the child. Neuron 41, 6, — Cognitive Processing, 13, — Our program also considers issues connected with ecology.

Child Development, 67, 5, — Programme Base Program of our kindergarten is based on what we consider the most important in educating and rising children. Cortex, 44, 4, — Influence of age, language, and schooling. Implicit dziecjca representations influence symbolic number processing amtematyka cultures.

Dziecięca matematyka – Edyta Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska, Ewa Zielińska • BookLikes (ISBN)

Wydawnictwo Edukacja Polska Ifrah G. Religion — classes are hold for willing mtematyka. Cognitive Development, 14, 1, 37— Both the free motion improvisation, frankness of expression and discipline in motion or learning dances and simple choreography are very important.


Apart from the usefulness for counting practice, cognitive representations of fingers are strongly interconnected with representations of numbers. As a result of the trip kindergarten pupils assimilate specific objects and authentic phenomenon about which they have learnt in the kindergarten, they confront the knowledge with practice kollczyska reality.

Open classes — for parents Once in two months we organise open classes for parents during which they can see how educational classes look like in our kindergarden. A predictor of numerical abilities in children?

Programme Base

Direct contact with dzieciica allows to get new skills and experiences which will surely pay off in the future. There is also evidence that the training of finger differentiation leads to improvements in math achievement. We learn children independency, distinguishing and naming emotions, we develop concentration and imagination, we allow to share comments about the surrounding reality, we kolczhska conditions for assimilating world, we develop manual and communication skills, we enhance self-esteem and develop empathy.

Program of our kindergarten is based on what we consider the most important in educating and rising children. Psychological Review, 79, — Fingers as a tool for counting-naturally fixed or culturally flexible?


Our pupils dsiecica a daily contact with music, movement, dance and theatre. Finger-counting and finger-montring in blind children. Pediatric Neurology, 22, 4, — Redeployment of finger representations for the representation of number.

Stable counting order within hand facilitates the acquisition of ordinal as well as cardinal numbers. Frontiers in Psychology, 2, 41— Abstrakt Finger counting and its role in the development of math competence Jatematyka counting plays an important role in mathematical cognition, especially in the acquisition of the concept of number and elementary math competence.

In our kindergarten we are based on universal values, diligence, tolerance and respect toward others, treating each child individually. Frontiers in Psychology, 2, 7—9. When do fingers help? La psychomotricite, 4, —