On a clear summer morning, the seven rivers of Hiroshima flow tranquilly through the city and people board the streetcars slowly plying the main avenu. Hiroshima No Pika (The Flash of Hiroshima) That morning in Hiroshima the sky was blue and cloudless. The sun was shining. Streetcars had. Hiroshima no pika written and illustrated by Toshi Maruki (translation of the same Japanese title; New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, ).

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Please listen to me! Mii saw children with their clothes burned away, lips and eyelids swollen. As flames spread, people flee to the rivers.

Hiroshima No Pika – The Flash of Hiroshima – Toshi Maruki | Mit Geschichten groß werden

Beitrag nicht abgeschickt – E-Mail Adresse kontrollieren! Hardcover48 hiroshma. Refresh and try again. A grim and graphic book, painful to look at in some places. The story is told from hiroshimma seven year old, Mii, and discusses the effects of the bombing, both during and after. My problem with this book is that the author chose to share this story in a picture book format, and states in the back of the book that her audience is children. Does the “Why” really justify what happened?

How the family escaped, and found refuge by a river and watched as the city was engulfed in flames and destroyed. Japan A little girl and her parents are eating breakfast, and then it happened.

The sky grew dark, and there was a rumble of thunder. The illustrations in this book are very abstract, trying to show the horrific scene playing out in Hiroshima on that day, but still not wanting to be to graphic for a child. The rivers flow slowly to the sea, carrying the lanterns hitoshima memory of those who died.

Young people should be taught about the disastrous effects of such devastating violence, This book hiroshiam discussed in my children’s lit class as an example of how picture books are a Hirosjima, not a GENRE, in that there is nothing inherently cute or heart-warming about a picture book. In today’s international political climate, we are constantly hearing talks about nuclear weapons.


I really enjoyed this international historical fiction picture book.

I found a website called the A-Bomb WWW Museum and learned more about what had happened and how big the devastation actually was. To keep fire from spreading, they had torn down old buildings and widened streets.


Mii and her mother carry her hirpshima father while hellish scenes play out all around them. They continue trying to find safety, but something unexpected occurs — the fire moves or there is no one to help.

Never agin should another bomb be dropped. In fact, this book is quite brutal. The watercolor painted illustrations made this book. Hiroshima no pika written and illustrated by Toshi Maruki translation of the same Japanese title; New York: The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are quite possibly two of the most horrific events in the history of the world, and Hiroshima No Pika takes on the sensitive subject by remembering what happened in gripping and graphic fashion. Hop…hop… It was a swallow.

They will hopefully empathize with the characters in the book and grow up to think of nuclear weapons as something of horror that should only even be considered in the most dire of circumstances, if ever. The story is told through a young girl’s eyes of her small family’s experience of the atomic bomb.

After that experience, I honestly don’t care what the reasons were for Batchelder Award Winner This book has been controversial–many adults think that children are not ready for the disturbing subject matter or the horrible imagery.

I enjoyed this book because of how powerful it was. There are bodies that are naked, bloodied and warped in the picture book pages. I also thank my many good friends. A burnt-out wasteland stretched before them as far as the eye could see. In any case, it’s an important subject for anyone to know about.


I really loved the idea that students can read about a tragedy that our country imposed on innocent people. When is a good age to start? Feb 23, Samantha rated it it was amazing Shelves: Maruki’s art is heavy, animated, and a bit overwhelming at times in a way that is quite effective. Mii turned and saw a young woman holding a baby and crying. The story starts off where their house explodes, they wake up, and the mother leads the daughter and carries the father who is badly burned to safety.

The author’s descriptions make the scenes vivid, and you can almost feel what the This is a heart-wrenching book based on the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, on August 6th, The atomic bomb was unlike any explosive ever used before.

This is a good choice to pick if you are a middle school or high school history teacher. With Father as safe as possible in the hospital, Mii and her mother decided to go back into the city to see if anything was left of their home.

Mii felt something moving past her feet. Hiroshima’s seven rivers flowed quietly through the ci Hiroshima No Pika relates the experiences of a small family in Japan who struggle to survive during and in the aftermath of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. I was sick with the pkka of it. An old woman who was lying nearby sat up and took a rice ball out of yiroshima bag and gave it to Mii.

The book warns that atomic bombs should never be used again.