On a clear summer morning, the seven rivers of Hiroshima flow tranquilly through the city and people board the streetcars slowly plying the main avenu. Hiroshima No Pika (The Flash of Hiroshima) That morning in Hiroshima the sky was blue and cloudless. The sun was shining. Streetcars had. Hiroshima no pika written and illustrated by Toshi Maruki (translation of the same Japanese title; New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, ).

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Trivia About Hiroshima No Pika. I knew what it was going to be about, based on the title.


Seeing the devastation through the eyes of a young girl, readers are even more sympathetic to the story. Films of Michael Sporn, Vol.

The author’s descriptions make the scenes vivid, and you can almost feel what the family felt as they watched people and animals, float lifeless through the river. Uiroshima way students are getting yet another point of view of the affects the second world war had on different countries.

Maruki’s art is heavy, animated, and a bit overwhelming at times in a way that is quite effective. The illustrations are ugly not necessarily a bad thing and disturbing while the story is plain, to the point and often emotionless. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Hiiroshima and Terms of Service. When is a good age to start? Hhiroshima this is a very grim book, which is appropriate as the event itself was incredibly grim.

It is told with extremely graphic pictures, but this appropriate for the story. This is another book based on World Uiroshima Two. Ever year on August 6, the people of Hiroshima light lanterns to remember the dead and let them drift down the rivers that run through the city.


Thursday, 12 October Hiroshima no pika written and illustrated by Toshi Maruki. Interested in this title?

She started out her boring like any other morning when the bomb hit. It rose and set again, then rose for the third time. Apr 29, Brandon Hardesty rated it really liked it Shelves: May 19, Katina rated it really liked it. Mii started to cry softly.

HIROSHIMA NO PIKA by Toshi Maruki | Kirkus Reviews

Jitsuo Tabuchi, of Hiroshima City, and Mr. Jun 02, Casey Lawson rated it really liked it. I was shocked at some of the graphic descriptions of events: In any case, it’s an important subject for anyone to hirosyima about. Want to Read saving….

Nothing really new for me, but it still always an event difficult to read about. Miyajima was covered with beautiful pine and maple trees and surrounded by clear water. Mii was knocked unconscious by the force of the Flash, and when she woke up everything around her was still and dark. Please listen to me! And there, as in Hiroshima, thousands of people died, and anyone who survived was left homeless.

But, now I am here and have seen your pictures. Hiroshimw continue trying to find safety, but something unexpected occurs — the fire moves or there is no one to help.

Hiroshima No Pika

Young people should be taught about the disastrous effects of such devastating violence, This book was discussed in my children’s lit class as an example of how picture books are a FORMAT, not a GENRE, in that there is nothing inherently cute hirshima heart-warming about a picture pik.

And the story is every hiroshhima as heartbreaking as the “Barefoot Gen” comics about which I’m passionate by nowjust almost This little book is much better than my three stars express, it’s just that it left me with a feeling of wrong, wrong, wrong.


I liked this book and I thought it was extremely informative. One moment Mii is happily eating sweet potatoes for hiroshimaa with her family and the next moment they are fleeing their burning house after the massive explosion.

There were no doctors, no medicine, no bandages—only shelter. I wouldn’t want any child younger than at least 8 to look at this book, and by then, most children are out of the picture book stage. The illustrations are hauntingly beautiful and look like they should belong in a museum.

Mii was very hungry piak morning, and exclaimed hiroshi,a how good the sweet potatoes tasted. Though this happened insome of these people are still in hospitals. I don’t think that anyone is supposed to like books on this subject. Synopsis On a clear summer morning, the seven rivers of Hiroshima flow tranquilly through the city and people board the streetcars slowly plying the main avenues. It works in showing the young readers exactly what the family had to go through, through the eyes of a little girl, and how it damaged their entire way of life.

Hiroshima No Pika by Toshi Maruki

Hop…hop… She saw a man floating slowly down the river. The world’s first atomic bomb has fallen on Hiroshima. Feb 16, Erin Reilly-Sanders rated it liked it Shelves: