Find great deals for Alpine iDA-X Car Player. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Alpine iDA-X MP3 In Dash Receiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Will my iPod work with the iDA-X? The iDA-X can be used with the fourth generation and above iPod, iPod photo, iPod mini or the first generation iPod.

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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Oct 25, 2: Oct 25, 2: Oct 26, 7: Nov 1, 8: Nov 2, 3: Nov 19, 3: Nov 20, 4: Nov 21, 1: Nov 28, Dec 6, 4: Dec 6, Dec 16, 3: Mar 14, 7: Mar 23, 3: User profile for user: Peter Rattray Peter Rattray. It works brillianly with my 5th Gen iPod and my 2nd Gen Nano.

I purchased an iPhone a couple of weeks ago, but when I plug it into the stereo I get an error message saying its incompatible.

Obviously there won’t be a firmware update for the stereo to make it work with the iPhone – so will there be a firmware update for the iPhone to make it work with the stereo?!

I would have thought a ‘Made for iPod’ device like the iDA-X which has only been on the market since April would have been something that Apple made sure the iPhone worked with. All replies Drop Down menu. I do get the same message that you stated and then ask me if I want to go into airplane mode, however it will still let me play and search the iPhone just as I do the iPod after I tell it not to go into airplane mode.

It doesn’t seem to lose any of the compatibility I just get the error message. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Which firmware version is you iPhone? Perhaps I just need a fw update? I can confirm it is functioning correctly and the only warning I get is for Airplane Mode. I just recently installed this deck with the alpine bluetooth module everything is working well. I’m just going through a refund on a horrible Pioneer DEHBT incompatibility experience with the iPhone endless Error-A0 messages, and no help from Pioneer and am in the market for a receiver that actually works with the iPHone I don’t mind the Airplane mode question popping up on initial plug-in – I just want to make sure I can use it for its iPod functions.


The BTooth worked great with the iPhone – I’m going to really miss that Hamish Morrison Hamish Morrison. It seems as if it doesn’t search the device properly when it is plugged in even though I get the airplane mode message Its probably just a setting I’m missing but if it is I can’t see it. Full functionality is now available just like normal 5th Gen iPod.

Listing of /~erik/cars/IDA-X/x/

Gosh, I wish Alpine would hurry up and release iida receiver head unit with BTooth builtin Have you noticed that the artwork display on the iDA is a bit blocky compared to the standard iPod? I only use it with the USB-Connector. I can confirm that it works like my Ipod 5G. I also get the error message asking for airplane mode. But it works fine.

Alpine iDA-X001 Car Player

The only problem I have maybe someone has a solution: Hands free calling and phonebook works great. But the next time I enter my car the Alpine does not pick up the BT connection automatically. I have to go to the setup, go to BT and go to paired devices. There is my Iphone listed and with a click I get connected. Why is it not connecting automatically like all my other phones did before?! I do not not whether the problem is in the Iphone or in the Alpine. Do ira have any recommendations?

I have ordered the bluetooth mod for the IDA-X which will be fitted next week so I’ll report back when I have it installed!

I have used both without any problems. It is really nice having songs isa in my glove box. Glad to hear that the Bluetooth works, mine is on order. I have a couple of niggles though. Can’t see a way round that currently as the ipone is more of a PDA than a simple phone with a tel no against a name type contact list.

Alpine IDA-X001: the iCarStereo

My solution is to create a smaller sub group of ‘must have’ contacts only, and just sync that group to the iPhone. As it is very slow to scroll down the contact list this oda help here too. Most annoying is the inability of the x01 to allow manual input of a number that is not in your address book. That’s probably just the way it is, but as I was not able to see it working before it was installed I didn’t know what to expect really.


It’s a lot better than having to drive around with the headset in your ear! Message was edited by: I have noticed a few quirks and wanted to see if everyone else had the same issues.

Alpine only recommends using the high speed cable. However, since I have bought my new IPhone I believe there has been a software push because now the IPhone does work with the slow speed usb c001.

As advertised I get the warnings about going to airplane mode but by clicking no I get functionality with the slow speed cable which also gives me album art where the high speed cable does not. I have noticed that now the album art seems to be slightly distorted; like when you try to blow up a thumbnail picture. The resolution doesn’t seem right.

I didn’t notice this before with my old IPod idw. I also have noticed that sometimes during rapid fwd advances a song may not play. It is like the song is skipping. If I go back and then forward it seems to allow it to reset on the song and it comes through. I lda not noticed this skipping with the high speed cable.

Has anyone else encountered these problems? The album art looks very crappy, next and previous track buttons sometimes will not respond, the songs go into chipmunks speed mode automatically sometimes and other times they refuse to play. Have you guys noticed that Alpine already put out a newer version of the unit with the first gen still having a lots of issues?

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