Movie playback from content imported to a Kaleidescape server or from discs in a Disc Vault. High-definition onscreen user interface. Proprietary M-Class. Kaleidescape 1U Server & M Player. Shane Buettner | Sep 20, Performance Features Ergonomics Value. Price: $16, (as tested) At A Glance: . Kaleidescape and I go way back. This is the fifth time I’ve had one of its systems in for review, and I must say, the company’s products just keep.

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Kaleidescape outs M and M Blu-ray players, copiers

Even the fastest Blu-ray players will still just be on the menu by then. Imagine – The Ultimate Edition. Email us and tell us why you think this product should receive a higher rating. Fluance Unveils 4 Reference Series Turntables. But at its core, a functional Kaleidescape system requires at least one server and one media Player capable of importing content, plus Internet connectivity and a hard-wired home network to connect the devices.

I could load discs onto the 1U server with the M optical drive, but the disc would need to stay in that tray, or be placed into another connected M series player or disk vault in order to be accessible. Best Gifts for The system supports a maximum of five simultaneous, independent Blu-ray Disc—based streams. Google Chromecast ,500 Media Player. New discs took a little while to load and the time for them varied. To import ,500 disc into your Kaleidescape library requires just two button pushes on the M Connections are limited as this is a kaleidescpe device.

Disc importing takes roughly an hour for Blu-ray, and 25 minutes for standard DVDs. Kaleidescape and the Kaleidescape logo are trademarks of Kaleidescape, Inc.

Our Premiere Line of Digital Movie Storage & Players |

Roku Ultra Streaming Player. The main way they moved forward to make their Blu-ray media server closed system legal was to actually include the disc in a player even if it’s also on a close-ended server. Kaleidescape even monitors hard drive performance and will notify you or your dealer of impending failures.


The two boxes were wrapped together in a travel case and connected to each other over Ethernet with a small router also tucked into the box. If one drive dies, you can hot-swap a new one without losing any data.

Kaleidescape greatly simplified installation for me by kaleidesccape a fully racked, pre-built system.

Create new account Request new password. Ken Taraszka January 30, As I mentioned, Kaleidescape can import and play back Blu-ray Discs. The 1U server I received was maxed out with the four 2-TB drives creating a proprietary type of RAID array, which to non-nerds means that one of the drives is purely for parity and data redundancy so the content is protected from hard-drive failure.

For additional information, please visit www. A drop down menu allows you to eject the disc from the vault, and depending on where the disc is in the tray will affect how quickly it ejects, but I found the M pretty speedy at finding and ejecting single discs.

Although it requires a connection to a Kaleidescape server to boot up, you can also use it like a standalone Blu-ray player if and when you choose to.

Premiere Disc-Based Product Line

The system is so easy to use your grandparents could handle it, even if they can’t figure out email or Facebook. Shinola Bookshelf Speaker Review. The M weighs 38 pounds empty and 49 loaded with discs.

Performance When you have a system like this connected to your home theater you change how you use your system. The system is modular so you can always add on as your needs grow.


This feature is great when you don’t quite know what you want to watch as you might pause on one thing and be reminded of another film by the same actor or a similar piece thanks to the intelligent shuffling of covers. I imported a ton of discs at once and the M just kept plugging along until they were all stored.

The child remote is solidly built and heavily rubberized to increase durability and has fewer keys than the actual remote but worked just as well, and in an adult house I could see people actually wanting this remote over the actual, full-function remote control.

Today this means the Blu-ray Disc must be in the tray of an M Player. It’s not a kaleidescpe issue as the M will rip the discs to the server by itself. Music From Big Pink. You no longer look for a disc that may or may not be in their cases.

I liked the feature for demoing movies for friends and I suspect dealers will like this feature too. In order to use this system to its ka,eidescape you need to have enough disc vaults to hold all of your Blu-rays as well as enough server space to store them all on.

The bandwidth required of Blu-ray, HDMI specifications and copyright laws make a true Blu-ray quality media server a kaaleidescape nightmare. Your Blu-ray discs and CDs are automatically copied onto your Kaleidescape system and are ready to be enjoyed throughout your home.

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