Cheiro’s Palmistry for All has ratings and 4 reviews. Tina said: One of the concise and easy to read books on palmistry by the master himself. Recomm. Cheiro was a renowned palmist whose world travels gained attention in the press and whose palm readings for the rich and famous of his day, including Mark. It will thus be seen that, viewing palmistry from this standpoint alone, it becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those.

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Cheiro was booked in advance. When this sign is noticed, especially in the case of young persons, it will be found that they are more quarrelsome, more disobedient, and have less ambition in connection with their studies.

paljistry They promise things quickly and are more often heard to say “Yes” than “No”; but if they have time for reflection, they very often go back on their promises. He was celebrated for using these forms of divination to make personal predictions for famous clients and to foresee world events. This is what he writes about the Shah in his Memoirs P.

He noted similarities between the hands of the father and that of a son and told Sir Joseph that his son would have a career similar to him but his impact of personality on the events of the country would be less than his father. Such people are always in trouble, generally fighting or quarrelling with those about them and over things that are of no consequence.

Cheiro was free to go anywhere at the age of They also have a happier and brighter disposition, [Pg 62] and this has naturally a great deal to do with what is called success.

Consequently, if it be found on a hand in what may be called opposition to its class, such a Line of Head immediately possesses a greater significance. It could be debated how long he might have continued to exert his influence if he had not ventured into business. Lady Arthur Paget, dressed as Cleopatra for a costume Party.

She invited him to a party where he was formally acquainted with Sir H. His analysis of her Palm was a success. The skeptical Mark Twain wrote in Cheiro’s visitor’s book:. Amit Kathpalia rated it it was amazing May 19, Cheiro had a wide following of famous European and American clients during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He talks boastingly about his double line of head which according to his account, appeared around 30 years of his age, however, he never published prints of his left hand to verify his claims.


It is found on the hands of brain workers, students of some particular branch of study, writers, scientists, etc. Pouncing on the opportunity he offered his help. Cheiro told him that according to his hand prints and date of birth, he was fated to die by water with an attendant chance of capture, from which he could not recover, at the age of From New York Cheiro went to Boston, the environment being intellectual he decided to extend his stay.

If his fingers, in addition to their length, were also knotty or jointed joints much pronouncedhe could be depended on to a still greater extent for all work requiring great thoughtfulness, detail, and concentration of mind.

When any small line joins the Fate Line or goes on with it as an attendant line, such a mark usually indicates marriage at the date when these lines joinPlate XIII. Being short of experience, he aggravated the situation by further contracting loans for which he had to grant concessions to Russia and other states.

In the 17th Article of Religion in the Episcopal Church it is stated, and in no uncertain manner, that “Predestination to life is the everlasting purpose of God. The upper double line of head in his right hand has a wide distance from the line of life. In such cases the person has the most absolute palmistty over his temper, his will power is [Pg x] also palmisgry but quick and unobtrusive, and in a firm, determined way people with such a thumb manage others and bend those around them to their purpose.

If the Line of Fate looks weaker or more uncertain after the union is marked, then such a marriage has not brought good or [Pg 78] success to the subject.

Cheiro, a mysterious Palmist | Horus, the Astro-Palmist

All opposition lines, viz. People of this latter class seldom, if ever, produce the great results in the world of art or imagination as do those who have the line simply curving downwards into palmistrj Mount.

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Meyer, was bereft of any human emotion. On July 20 thhe was formally arrested and charged with murder. I explained him the general meaning of double lines of head and looked inquiringly at him. As regards illustrations, I have endeavoured to make these of the simplest and clearest kind possible.

Cheiro, a mysterious Palmist

It may be, then, that to all living beings there is a Destiny “that shapes our ends, rough hew them as we will. This will materially assist the student to comprehend their significance and, together with the influence of the month of birth as set out in the chapters on the Mounts of the Hand pagewill enable him to obtain an accuracy on all matters relating to health, diseases, and dangers to the life that up till now has never been attained.

Syed Dilshad Hussain Shah. Without purpose they are rather like a ship drifting on an idle sea. The meeting was shrouded in secrecy.

Palmistry: The Language of the Hand

I have a theory or two which I would like to share with my readers at the end of this post. It doubtless took years of study to name these lines and marks, but it must be remembered that this curious study is more ancient than any other in the world. He sailed for America in the later part of the year One expects that the fame and palmitsry of prediction which Cheiro enjoyed might have ,ero him to write about his method and few techniques in his books.

With a weak-looking Line of Mentality it is a sure sign of a craving for drink and intemperance of all kinds, and at the point where it breaks through the Line of Life, it generally indicates death brought on by the intemperance this mark foreshadows. The love of spending money and fondness for show will also be more marked, the gambling tendencies very pronounced. When asked to do a thing, they generally first say “No,” but on reflection or when reasoned with, they often give in to the other and generally regret having done so.