A review and a link to other reviews of Killing Time by Paul Feyerabend. PAUL FEYERABEND. Killing Time. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, , cloth $ Robert Nola. Department of Philosophy. University of Auckland. Killing Timeis the story of Paul Feyerabend’s life. Killing Time Paul Feyerabend – – Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 23 (1):3 –

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Retrieved from iklling https: Peter Singer – – Inquiry: The depression stayed with me for over a year; it was like an animal, a well-defined, spatially localizable thing. But it contains little beautiful gems that make up for its rough spots. The book relies on Feyerabends’s own memory as well as the various stray sources that he did manage to keep.

Want to Read saving…. International Journal of Behavioral Development. There are no discussion topics on this ceyerabend yet. Feyerabend had other opportunities — Bertolt Brecht offered to take him on as an assistant, but Feyerabend turned him down. Yet the security and the permanence can be swept away by the powers that permitted them to arise.

Killing Time: The Autobiography of Paul Feyerabend

It’s a short book and easy to read: Thoroughly annoyed, I returned home. The narrative, at the same time, is strangely disassociated, even “cold. Rather, his fame was in powerful, plain-spoken critiques of “big” science and “big” philosophy. Feyerabend barely managed to finish writing the book, lying in a hospital bed with an inoperable brain tumor and the left side of his body paralyzed, and he died shortly before it was released.

In addition, several volumes of his correspondence with Imre Lakatos, Hans Albert, and Hans Peter Duerr are available, helping to provide more insight. Jul 09, Manny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Paul Feyerabend – – University rime Chicago Press.


Killing Time

Welcome and useful though Feyerabend’s generous spirit and open mind are fairly evident throughout all his writingthis is a good introduction to the author and a decent complement to his work.

A question which remains, of course, is who feyerabwnd to be held responsible for intellectual aberrations and intentional obfuscation if this character is only to be acquired by an act of grace, an accidental constellation of circumstances. A charmingly anecdotal, if somewhat scattered, autobiography of the great philosopher of science whose name has become synonymous with a dangerous anarchic attack on objective standards. Here, for the first time, Feyerabend traces the trajectory that led kiling from an isolated, lower-middle-class childhood in Vienna to the height of international academic kolling.

If you loved Astrid Lindgren as a child, you should read Killing Time. A religious mania seemed to engulf the place. Trained in physics and astronomy, Feyerabend was best known as a philosopher of science.

Three Dialogues on Knowledge.

Two annoying tics of the book are the incessant name-dropping as well as the sudden appearance of people who are clearly instrumental in Feyerabend’s life at specific moments, but never properly introduced to the reader.

Feyerabend gave voice to a radically democratic “epistemological anarchism: He recalls his promising talent as an operatic tenor a lifelong passionhis encounters with everyone from Martin Buber to Bertolt Brecht, innumerable love affairs, four marriages, and a career so rich he once held tenured positions at four universities at the same time. At the end of his life, he painfully recognised that its course had been shaped by absences, rather than by specific events or, for that matter, ideas: He was accepted, but Wittgenstein had died in the meantime.

I wouldn’t care about his book if I hadn’t already really liked Feyerabend’s work more generally and even more so his influence on others, notably Ian Hacking.


Biography and Letters Philosophy of Science. Completed shortly before the authors death, the last pages written when he lay partially paralyzed with an inoperable brain tumor, there is some sense of urgency about tije writing.

Paul Karl Feyerabend was an Austrian-born philosopher of science best known for his work as a professor of philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley, where he worked for three decades — Added to PP index Total downloads 23of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 3of 2, How can I increase my downloads?

Much has been written about Feyerabend. He writes of his experience in the German army on the Russian front, where three bullets left him crippled, impotent, and in lifelong pain. The Worst Enemy of Science? One of my favorite anecdotes: A fun read and a fun man.

Killing Time – Paul Feyerabend

London, Berlin, and New Zealand Thumbing through it, I forgot how funny Feyerab There are a lot of books with the same title as this, but it’s doubtful that many of them are as funny or crazy as this author. Archived from the original on February 12, This, however, is a disease and not a foundation. He appears to be quite honest in addressing topics such as his relationship with women despite permanent impotence resulting from a war wound, he was quite a womanizer and his lack of response to Nazism during the war.

They have tiny fragmented parts kiilling play in something which might or might not have a big picture. Reed Business Information, Inc.