Jim said: If you read only one book on leadership please, don’t choose this “ La paradoja: Un relato sobre la verdadera esencia del liderazgo” as Want to Read: . pero deberían enviar al infierno de los escritores a James C. Hunter por . JAMES C. HUNTER is head of J. D. Hunter Associates, LLC, a leadership training and development firm. His internationally bestselling book, The Servant: A. Buy La paradoja / The Servant: Un Relato Sobre La Verdadera Esencia Del Liderazgo by James C. Hunter (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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I plan to use it in my own teaching and, hopefully, inculcate it in my own leadership philosophy. More philosophical than practical.

The Servant: A Simple Story about the True Essence of Leadership by James C. Hunter

Makes the important distinction between serving the needs of others vs being a slave to their w An excellent book. Seriously this book pisses me off. A narrativa, por outro lado, deixa a desejar.

PG Throw-away society No doubt we are a throw-away society and perhaps I am the worst offender in this regard. The format is the most difficult aspect of the read. Un relato sobre la verdadera esencia del liderazgo by James C. Because leadership is so worked as the characters in this “b Superficiality for the masses When trying to get the ingredients of what has to be good leadership for a successful business through an Anglican monk!? Why isn’t the notion of responsibilty that is applied to individuals also leveled at corporations?

Thanks for telling us about the paracoja. Jul 05, Rob rated it it was amazing Shelves: And finally, at risk of offending for such an obvious observation, why did Hunter need to apply the sexist hhunter attractive ” to the tall black woman who was a Why not a book essentially technical, involving the issue of leadership?


What Hunter does lw 1 Corinthians 13 as a mirror for reflecting on the qualities of leadership is worth the price of the book. To ask other readers questions about The Servantplease sign up. Our financial compensation is based on how much value we create financially but it is also a reflection of how much value is placed on us. Also, the part where it’s self-help was supposed to be subtle, making some people believe it can be also about the story, but the characters are too similar to make you believe that their stories truly matter.

The author explains that trust is essentially built by pushing others to gently achieve their NEEDS not wants which in return builds an eagerness in others to follow you. Listening – “true” listening is selfless. If we are talking about being servants here then where is the service in the cigarette companies actions? Strengths of the book are: Many people are polytheistic.

I enjoyed reading this book. Not surprising given its basis in evangelical thinking. Read the book to learn what the levels are There are so many points to be made against this that I am not sure where to begin.

It’s not just for those wanting to be good “leaders”, it’s for those that want to be better people. Now, as with most of these hackneyed parables on which I rant, I can allow that there are nuggets to extract and add to your toolbox, or at least jajes you of some of the tools you already have more reminder than teacher, this one Twinkies were simply evidence supporting an overall defense based upon mental illness.


The payoff – “Joy” Not happiness.

And finally, at risk of offending for such an obvious observation, why did Hunter need to apply the sexist ” attractive ” to the tall black woman who was a I find the way in which they all become equally enlighted at the of the story to feel really fake. I was assigned this book because my job was bringing in the author to speak. Do yourself a favor – find a review that sums up the main points, you’ll save yourself the anguish of some major eye-rolling.

The audiobook on Hoopla has good narration.

The book does contain some good teachings, but the author’s idea of wrapping them in a pseudo-romance fashion didn’t work for me. Absolutely hate this book.

The Servant: A Simple Story about the True Essence of Leadership

However, he discovers that jamed of the monks is one of his business heroes who had dropped out of sight de Storyline: A main antagonist in the story is an Army sergeant who keeps challenge Simeon’s philosophy on the grounds that it will not work in “the real world”. Tell me what’s wrong with this, Hunter’s introduction to the cast of caricatures That said, this book has some really good points.

But I will end here, this is a difficult decision for any person or couple to make. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Quotes from La Paradoja: I did not like it.