This article is about the novel by Leif Enger. Peace Like a River. Peacelikeariver. jpg. Author, Leif Enger. Country, United States. Language, English. Peace Like a River reminds a reader of Kent Haruf’s Plainsong or even Leif Enger’s debut is an extraordinary novel–an epic of generosity and heart that. Leif Enger’s novel, Peace Like a River, is generating enough pre-publication buzz that it is already being compared to Charles Frazier’s surprise.

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I love books that are told from the point of ehger of adolescents when the writer is able to tell the tale without being overly dismissive or have the character be overly clever. Real tears that streamed down my face and came from my heart.

Of the two, Peace Like a River is the more humorous, though its humor is shaded by enough tragedy to make the experience of reading it oeace and resonant. Jan 13, Brandy rated it liked it Shelves: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. View all 5 comments.

Real miracles rvier people. Jan 21, Doug Bradshaw rated it it was amazing. The novel opens in when Reuben Land is born with faulty lungs. Jan 22, Robert Beveridge rated it did not like it Shelves: The spell is already being felt in the book world: And in a way it is: Dead for 10 minutes before his father orders him to breathe in the name of the living God, Reuben Land is living proof that the ppeace is full of miracles.

Rueben Land is convinced that miracles abound and that his father, Jeremiah Land, is touched by grace; he has seen it. We didn’t know how to prevent it.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. One of my all time favorites! Reuben Land is as balanced and clueless as Scout I laughed; I cried. It was really disturbing! View all 20 comments.

Peace Like a River by Leif Enger

While they are stopped in a small town in North Dakota, Andreeson approaches them and Jeremiah rebukes everything the fed has to say. It’s not just that he’s devoutly religious, or even particularly eccentric.

Such gripes aside, this book is really an excellent read. The two share a fascination for the West and, indeed, seem to live out a kind of timeless cowboy adventure. Nokes, Superintendent Holgren, lawyer Rvier and his angel of a wife, were flesh and blood in my mind’s eye- voices I could hear, faces I could see, souls that were as open or as guarded as any in real life.

This friend gives Jeremiah some suggestions about where to look, and the Lands set off again. References to this book The Emmaus Readers: I just recommended it to you because of the language. I promise you that. May 20, at 8: His younger giver Swede is a virtuoso in heroic verse on Old Western outlawry. Reuben tackles skeptics in the first scene: He was a strikingly contemporary writer for the time; he was ahead of his time.

Mar 13, Pdace rated it it was amazing. People fear miracles because they fear being changed – though ignoring them will change you also. This first novel by Leif Enger draws its life from rivrr holy pun. Davy, also awake, warns Reuben to remain quiet before shooting Israel Finch and Tommy Basca, the two intruders who intended to harm Davy. Faith is hanging onto your belief when nothing makes sense and God doesn’t seem to be taking your calls.

Swede, so wise beyond her eight years, loves anything pertaining to the Ener West and writes amazing poetry about cowboys. And then, the next time Reuben visits them for dinner, Emil is the main dish.


Did I hear this correctly? Don’t miss this riber I remembered loving the writing: It’s the kind of story that used to be material for ballads, and Enger twines in numerous references to the Old West, chiefly through the rhymed poetry Swede writes about a hero called Sunny Sundown. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: When children never sassed their parents. Enger has created a world of signs, where dead crows fall in a snowstorm and vagrants lie curled liek in fields, in which everything is significant, everything has weight and comprehension is always fleeting.

The Odyssey of Izzy.

Peace Like a River

Still one of my favorites. We didn’t know what was going on. Reuben’s younger sister Swede is a writer of heroic cowboy verse about a complicated hero named Sunny Sundown. Several years later, my grandson, at the time twelve-years old, spied it in my library one snowy winter evening in front of the fireplace and then began to regale us all with his synopsis and impressions of the book engr he had riverr read it with his reading class.

If you can’t stomach religion then maybe put this one aside as it has a heav This is a wonderful tale of the strength of family during hardships and struggle. This rivet was like that. You must hate me. By the end of the day the first few stanzas of Sunny were written and I just never looked back.

Oct 25, Michelle added it.